Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audit Presentation Day

Our last and the only presentation (apart for the weekly presentation of professional ethics) for this semester had officially ended 2 days ago.

Overall, we are satisfied with it.
Though we don't know what we actually score, but, who cares?
Lecturer commented :" Don't worry, you girls are at the top score's side~", should be fine I guess...

Hopefully, we manage to get what we deserve in the end...(did we pour in that much of effort? *fingers-crossed* )

Well, I managed to capture some shots before, during, and after the presentation.
Those are good for remembrance! =)

Before the presentation ~~~
Last rehearsal and get ready to go... feeling nervous... XOXO

From left: Cheryl, ee lin, sherryn, me

During the presentation ~~~

My team member, Ee lin... looking so professional...

My turn to present...

Sherryn's her outfit of the day! ^^

Another member of mine, Cheryl... she really has the look of future accountant, smart lady...

After the presentation ~~~
Thanks to our lecturer, Mr.Rajah...
It was so nice of him...for allowing us to shoot a photo with him...
However, due to privacy issue, sorry...I'll have to make it it the blurry form...

HApPy EnDinG~


  1. samurai@teraflare said...
    wow...u finally graduated?
    bLueSpaCe said...
    we fgt to tk pic v lecturer @@
    oni ss after he left..
    let's jiayou for the final exm preparation~
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, looks good....and you did it! Outstanding! Congratulations.
    May the winds of destiny carry you aloft to dance with the stars, best regards, Lee.

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