Monday, January 19, 2009

Oh god...
Oh friend...


Anyone can save me from me this miserable experience?

Why?? Why??
Why this so call wisdom tooth will erupt at this time??

'Lucky' me..mine is partial eruption!

So difficult to eat...
To chew...
Or even to smile and laugh like a normal human being..

Dentist suggested to me the other day,
Better to do a minor surgery and pull it out.


That's for your info.

Since young,
even to consult a dentist will take quarter of my life.
Not to say scaling, or cabut gigi...
That almost take 3/4 of my life...

So now...
Go for a so call surgery??
.... .... .... .... ....

I'm afraid it will take all my life, and thus...
Miss Water will not be able to celebrate Chinese New Year this year.

Arrggghh!! How??

From this :

To this :

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

-Mr.Ben And I-

Let me proudly introduce you my second baby...

Oh ya, he is my new pet. Just got Ben 2 days ago.
Oh my god, can't believe it..He is so cute.
Ever since the first time I met him,
I knew...
I was already in love with Mr.Ben!


He is cute, isn't he?

what an innocent look!!

This truly drives me crazy!

Side view of Mr.Ben...

Back view: Oh gosh..he is shy...

Actually...I do have another little puppy, Orenji.
But, perhaps I had left her (my another baby,orenji) with my grandma for months,
She doesn't seem like me anymore...Sob...
She prefer my grandma more nowadays...
She even try to attack me when I approached her and wanted to hug her...

Orenji... I'm so sorry, it was my fault...
I shouldn't left you alone for so long...
What can I do now??
Can't do anything except to let her stay with my grandma.
Orenji, you must be a good girl, alright?
(Doubt...can she actually hear me?? Hmmm...I bet no..)

Now, in order to make sure I don't repeat the same mistake again.
God had given me another cutie baby, Mr.Ben.

I got Ben in a special way,
Just a phone call, asking me yes or no(whether I want him or not), then set!
Can't believe it, my aunt gave Ben to me!
Ben is one of my aunt's favourite, now, she gives it to me.
I bet she will not give me Ben, if she doesn't shift to another place...
Anyway, wanna take this opportunity to thank my aunt-Katie.
For she had given me such a lovely gift!
Thank You!!

I keep taking photo with this little cutie..
Surprisingly...he is so good, and he even understand us,human...
He won't pee around without your permission;
He won't ran around the house without your permission;
He won't make noise unnecessarily;
etc... are really a good boy...
Keep it up boy...
I swear, I'll never give up in taking care of you!
You will be my dear baby as long as I'm still alive....


Saturday, January 3, 2009

Water-The Slave!

I was wrong!
Suppose to be a good day for me today,
but look...what happen?? It's becoming worst...and worst...

How long can I still bear with her??

What's wrong with you huh??
Wondering sometimes... there MUST be some unique chromosomes in your body,
otherwise, you should not behave like that, so weird..

Perhaps...that is what we call,
True...human being behave like that all the time...
Which is why, a saying goes like this, (maybe it's my saying...^^)
"To understand a person, you need to invest your time,"
"To understand a woman, you need to invest your money!" makes sense isn't it?

an unique creature created by God two thousands years ago.
so hard to understand thoroughly...
Maybe, only God knows what women are thinking.

Back to the story.

why? why?
Sometimes you are being so nice and good,
yet sometimes you are so angry and fierce,
just like a...weirdo.
An uncontrollable machine, which is hard to predict what will happen next.
I'm just like a slave of yours, worrying all the time,
whether you are happy, or angry, or sad and so on.
woi..I didn't get paid and serve you like a queen, you know!
I'm just doing what is supposed to be my responsibility.

I mean...
It's Okay if you appreciate what I'd contributed.
I can continue to serve you more. It doesn't matter.
But, NO. You don't seem neither contented nor satisfy,
Instead, you show me all kind of faces.
Flat, round, square..etc..
I don't want all that faces!
Throw away those clown face. Hate it!
Understand this, I'm a human too.
We have certain limits, once it reaches the limits, well..still acceptable.
BUT, once it goes beyond the limits,
I'm not so sure what will happen then.

You can be better, can ya?

It's all fated that we have to run the same blood type.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Got my first gift in this brand new year.

Got My Finger Cut!

What a lucky girl I am...

A red color gift from god.... (blood)
Just wanna be a good girl, helped mum out by doing some house core..

Can I be like what others used to greet me this morning,
"Happy New Year"
Can't be happy I guess.

Tried to be happy,
too difficult for me to cheer myself up.

wait and see...
Tomorrow will be a fine day!

IT WILL BE MY DAY!! yIpeeee~~