Sunday, August 29, 2010

Audit Presentation Day

Our last and the only presentation (apart for the weekly presentation of professional ethics) for this semester had officially ended 2 days ago.

Overall, we are satisfied with it.
Though we don't know what we actually score, but, who cares?
Lecturer commented :" Don't worry, you girls are at the top score's side~", should be fine I guess...

Hopefully, we manage to get what we deserve in the end...(did we pour in that much of effort? *fingers-crossed* )

Well, I managed to capture some shots before, during, and after the presentation.
Those are good for remembrance! =)

Before the presentation ~~~
Last rehearsal and get ready to go... feeling nervous... XOXO

From left: Cheryl, ee lin, sherryn, me

During the presentation ~~~

My team member, Ee lin... looking so professional...

My turn to present...

Sherryn's her outfit of the day! ^^

Another member of mine, Cheryl... she really has the look of future accountant, smart lady...

After the presentation ~~~
Thanks to our lecturer, Mr.Rajah...
It was so nice of him...for allowing us to shoot a photo with him...
However, due to privacy issue, sorry...I'll have to make it it the blurry form...

HApPy EnDinG~

Friday, August 27, 2010

Hmm...few days ago, while I was thinking of what to eat for lunch...where to dine-in...

Suddenly, something crossed my mind.

Hey, I know how to cook.
SO, why don't I cook myself?

"What about cooking something healthy?"

HEALTHY in the sense of:

  1. less oil (preferably oil-free)
  2. nutritious
  3. less fat
  4. hygienic

Thought of that, I started to hunt for ingredients in the refrigerator.

Eventually, I managed to gather all the ingredients I need.
  • Egg tofu (soft bean curd)
  • Chicken breast
  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Spring onion

Well, those are all I need in order to cook a simple yet healthy meal. (purely my opinion only)

Haha..Well, some pictures which I had taken....(for sharing purposes) XD

Heating up frying pan~~

tomato omelets ( my style)



it turned into pieces~~

Steam egg-tofu with tomato

Carrot with porridge

Lunch of the day! =)

The omelet was a failure.
But, surprisingly, it was delicious!
My lunch combination of
porridge + steam egg-tofu + omelet = CONTENTED & SATISFIED


What A DAY!

Monday, August 23, 2010

For the past one week, I had been sleeping quite late...
around 2am-3am.

No choice...
With all the assignments and presentations going on,
I don't really have the option to choose...
The only option was, to stay up late.
Else, can't finish my tasks.

I am so afraid of getting dark circle...
As I know, the consequences of sleeping late are:

And, as you could expect, the list goes on...
Scary uh??

I've found a solution to "save" my eyes!

LANEIGE Water Bank Eye Gel !

Next, my sister has recommended me to use sleeping mask.
After we in search of several brands in the market, eventually, again, LANEIGE appears to be our favorite brand!

LANEIGE Water sleeping pack_EX

Well, why do girls need all these products?
The reason is simple!

As we girls are hoping to be as pretty as possible.
If possible, to stay beautiful and attractive forever & ever...
*I know it's kinda impossible...*

Hence, with the super eye gel, hopefully, my eyes could look brighter and free from dark circle!

Does that mean I could stay up late everyday? Hmm...

Friday, August 20, 2010

Found several nice websites while I was doing revision for my quiz tomorrow.
Cool huh? I manage to surf the net and study at the same time! XD

A site to comfort your soul...
especially when you are facing stress, and in need of some peaceful yet comfortable music to sooth your soul.

Click here --> All Music For Soul

Next, if you are a perfume lover, just like me!
Wanna try a new fragrance from HUGO??
Yes? But don't feel like buying? is the place where you can actually get a free sample!

Click here --> Hugo Fragrance For Free

Next, feel like doing some online shopping?
Girls, is it time to top up some jewelries in your accessory's box?
Guys, thinking of what to buy for your girl's friend as gift?'s it.
A site where you can find different types of accessories in affordable price. In fact, cheap!
Plus, the seller is super friendly. A nice lady...she even provides custom made services.

Click here -->

Okay. That's the end for now.
Do check it out~

Monday, August 16, 2010

16th August happens to be the Chinese Valentine's day!
So, gonna wish everyone, regardless of who you are, single or in a relationship...

"Happy Chinese Valentine's Day!"


Weekend was over.
Feel so lazy on Monday...what's more, when it is drizzling outside.
A cold, breezy night...

But something cheers me up...

In love with the bears...

Bought a pair of them.
Keep 1 for myself.
And give another to my dear...=)

Okay. A very simple yet meaningful gift to him/her on this special day.

Friday, August 13, 2010

Not A Very Pleasant Week

My mid-term result for the subject Advanced Management Accounting had been released few days ago.

To be honest, I didn't score well.
In fact, I did badly actually.

Even though I had expected my result to be very poor for this subject,
but, I was still very upset when I saw my result.
Don't have the courage to face it.

Don't know why,
I am still quite upset, even until now.

Many of my friend told me not to worry. At least I passed.
Some told me accept the fact as it already becomes a fact.
But, can I?

Yes. I passed. I admit it.
I am fortunate enough to pass this paper.
(Coz I did wrongly for the last section)
But why is it so difficult for me to accept this fact huh?
Am I a coward?

Come to think about that... ...
Hey, I think I am really a COWARD.

Often, I am so afraid in accepting facts.
Especially those that could actually change the entire consequences of a situation to a bad one after accepting facts.
To me, I rather remain in the initial stage, where everything remains the same,
with no one gets hurt, and everyone stays happily ever after.
Just like the fairy tale.

Okie dokie, I know.
I accept the fact that I am a coward. =)

Sunday, August 8, 2010

To you. And for you.

Human beings are unique.
In fact, we are all created by God in a special and unique way.

We have different appearance, different characteristic.
We own different status, different property.
We come from different family background, different culture.
Some people are smart, while others don't.
And the list goes on.

No matter how significant the differences are, as long as we pay respect to each other,
there will be no worries then.

NO quarrel.
NO war.
NO misunderstanding.

What's left is the environment full of love and care.
Isn't that good?

To whom it may concern,

I am special in my own way.
And so are you.

So why can't you just respect me and accept who I am?
Instead of looking down on me?
Why can't you just respect me like how I did to you?


Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Body Lotion List

Body lotion plays a relatively important role in my daily life.
It is equally important
just like all other skin care product of mine.

Why do I require body lotion?
Don't ask me why, as I am not able to answer this actually.
What I know is,
I need them in order to survive!
I can't continue my day without applying lotion after my shower/bath.

Weird huh? doubt...there are people like this.
So, I am NOT the only weirdo I guess.. =)

the life span of my current lotion has eventually came to the end. wondering...which lotion should I choose next?
I am not really a person in favor of brand switching...
Will only do that when a particular product doesn't suit me.
Or, when that product doesn't satisfy my needs.

So, any suggestion?

This is what I am using currently :

I like this very gives a very comfortable scent, and most importantly a
non-sticky feeling~


Awesome scent just like its perfume! Also, it provides non-sticky feeling!


Dislike this, as it gives an extremely sticky feeling after-use!
Also, it gives an uncomfortable scent that fails my nose, very much~

Thinking to switch to --->

Shiseido - Body Replenishing Cream

Nature Republic - Green Vera

The Body Shop - Satsuma Puree Body Lotion

Clinique - Turnaround body

Etude House - Sweet appleade body lotion

Hmm... which will you choose?

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Had an extraordinary experience during mid-term break.

Ya..went to my friend, ee lin's hometown last week.
Spent 2 days in there...
"FUN" is the only word that can be used to describe the trip!