Sunday, August 8, 2010

To you. And for you.

Human beings are unique.
In fact, we are all created by God in a special and unique way.

We have different appearance, different characteristic.
We own different status, different property.
We come from different family background, different culture.
Some people are smart, while others don't.
And the list goes on.

No matter how significant the differences are, as long as we pay respect to each other,
there will be no worries then.

NO quarrel.
NO war.
NO misunderstanding.

What's left is the environment full of love and care.
Isn't that good?

To whom it may concern,

I am special in my own way.
And so are you.

So why can't you just respect me and accept who I am?
Instead of looking down on me?
Why can't you just respect me like how I did to you?


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  1. chris federick said...
    Hope that person will change for the better :)

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