Saturday, November 29, 2008


Whoa! Today is really a good - fine day for me...
Haha...I'd been eating for the whole day.
You see...
I'd eaten so much for my brunch...
Then after about 3 hours, Oh mum ask us to go for dinner.
Can't stop from the temptation of those delicious food!
Really...for me...
The enjoyment which I got from food is the happiest thing ever!
anyway..I guess I'd taken too much calories today.
Shall go for gym next week. Hehe...

My Brunch:

My dinner (just 3 hours after my brunch..swt...):

Five stars for this! Really love this~~ Soya milk+Vanila Ice-cream+Toufu Fa..Yummy!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Oh My..

8am class today..suCks!!
Slept so so late yesterday, around 4 o'clock in the morning...
As a result, I end up being like this--->>


Hmm...panda used to be adorable, but ahemm...definitely not ME.My condition today is just horrible. Huhu..

Was not paying much attention during Dr.Uche's communication class. He taught many extraordinary things(bored) in today's lecture, But... trust me..all I could remember was nothing,but just the moment when he announced class dismiss!

Yay yay YAY!!! That was my first feeling.

Know what? Dr.Uche didn't give us break today. you can imagine... it is normal for me to have that kinda thought. Haha... (I can be bad sometime~~)

Oh am I gonna sit for the exam later on? Issshhh.. forget about it now. Still have a few weeks to bless me. ^^

Anyway, I'm still kinda enjoying my life now. ( of course still got study a bit laa~~haha)ohhhh...truly can't wait for the day, 20th December already. Looking forward....

** 20th december is definitely NOT becourse of the mid-term exam **

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Day one In second blog

I've sucessfully created this 2nd blog.
Sorry friends..I can't open up my first blog to anyone.
I'm just so sorry.
Anyway, I'll start to write my "ups & downs" here........
Starting from this very moment.
Oh yaya..
I really feel like sharing this music video to all of you there.
It's from a rock band from Taiwan-They are called the Mayday.
They are rocks wei...
Mm...i guess I'll upload the clips here some day after. ( if I manage to find it ^^)
And the title is "你不是真正的快乐" . (direct translate will be: You're not truly happy??" haha)
This is really an amazing song. 4 stars++ for this. Not 5 stars because nothing is perfect.
Well, should take an opportunity to listen to this.
You will never regret about it!

Okay, basically..that's what about my very brief introduction for being here the 1st time.
Hopefully...I manage to pop up with something differently and amazingly next time.

P/s: Thanks to ee lin and jasmine..who has given me courage to start with this 2nd blog! Tq.