Friday, December 25, 2009

MsWaTeR ---> Holiday

Ho Ho Ho!
Merry Christmas to you.

What are you planning to do during this special day?
Sleep for the whole day?
Go shopping?
Family gathering?

Well, no matter what you are gonna do,
Just Enjoy..

As for MsWaTeR,
I am looking forward for the coming trip with family members.
At last, MsWaTeR is free from EXAMS!
It is time to relax and have a short break..

I am heading to Melbourne for a break.
Of course, with my family.

See ya.
And, have a cheerful Christmas.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Gift 2 +Gift 3

I surprisingly got a very "special" gift from a friend of mine..
whom I know through blogging.

What a nice friend he is.
My name has appeared in his blog--A Moonlight Rendezvous
He gave me an Evening dress by Sagaie.
Thanks U.Lee for this special gift...I appreciate it..
from the bottom of my heart..

I bought myself another little gift as well.
Salvatore Ferragamo Perfume
- Incanto Bliss

Due to Christmas Season, it comes in a 3-pieces gift set.
Lotion, and a miniature.

The perfume's concept: Free and happy, drift away from reality into an enchanted underwater world, a happy, magical place...

For those who has girlfriend, go get one for her..
For sure, the 2009 Christmas will be a sweet one for her!

As for me, my christmas wish for this year will be exactly like the concept above..
To be free & happy for the whole year...
By the way, is that possible?

Have a blessed Christmas..

Thursday, December 17, 2009

I believe many of us have dined-in in Delifrance before.
But, have you ever tried their Terriyaki Chicken Chop?
Yes? No?

If the answer is "Yes"
What's your opinion for that? Delicious?
*honesty is the best policy, so, answer honestly pls..* ^^

If it happens to be "No".
A sincere suggestion to you then.
NEVER try it!
Unless you are bored of having extra pennies in your pocket yet nowhere to spend it.
*give me then, why spend unnecessarily??*

FYI, this so call Terriyaki Chicken Chop is a real sucks!
Take a look at it.

Looks good huh? But... the taste? *bent down my thumb immediately*
It tastes like dead-fish.
And the meat, oh my goodness!
Instead of tender& juicy,
Know what?
It is all dried-out...
Just like eating(chewing) a piece of plastic.

Not to say the side dishes.

The mashed potato.

What about the Terriyaki sauce?
God knows!
It's extremely salty..

I wonder: Do they have a team for quality control as well as quality checking?
If no, have one please..
Don't ruin the image of Delifrance in the eyes of the public..

Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Night In Agape Cafe

Went for a music performance in Agape Cafe 2 days ago.

First of all,
A very sincere thanks to Agape Cafe for giving us this golden opportunity.
We really appreciate that.
Oh, and the little sweet.. ^^ ありごとう ございます!

Well, overall, what I can say is that, despite the enjoyment that I got and
the feeling of spiritually contented,
everything was out of my expectation actually.
Things that I didn't expect:

-Sherryn brought her sister & cousin to support me. ^^ *thanks touch*
Elaine came to support me as well. *touch touch...thanks lin*
Sher Ling helped us out throughout the performance. *although I knew she freaked out when asked to play few songs for the audience..^^ thanks sher ling*
The cafe was not operating as a cafe. *hmm..they are having book fair instead*
Our pianist was not able to join us. *as a result, I have to sing and play the piano by myself*

I felt kinda sorry for my friends actually.
I am afraid I'd disappointed them.

I felt very grateful & thankful at the same time.
Thanks to all my friends, not to forget Poi Li, and my church members as well.
Thanks for giving me full support throughout the night.
That really cheered me up.

May God bless you guys.
Forever, and ever.

-few captures of the sweet moment-
p/s: I've forgotten to take a photo with sher ling and poi li... haih..regret..regret..

-poi li and I-


-from left: elaine & sherryn..they are sweet right?-

-MsWaTeR & Elaine- ^^ Oopz..should be two Elaine(s).

-MsWaTeR & Sherryn- Hmm..I realize something, she wore nice earings that night..^^

Friday, December 4, 2009

Around The Corner

Christmas is around the corner.
Final Exam is around the corner.
Holiday is around the corner.
Year 2010 is around the corner.

What's more?

Yes, there are.
Plenty more. You name it.

Although many things and occasions are turning up,
but, my mind, my mood, even my soul,
seem to be outta nowhere.
Not into the situation, yet.

I just got a brand new piano few days ago.
Which cause me extremely happy and yes, excited.

At least, I see light.
I see hope.
Having piano means having another new hope.
It brightens up my day.
Very very much...
So, I guess that would encourage me to study harder. (really?!)

Thanks dad.
I appreciate this Christmas gift from ya!

-MsWaTeR & Piano-

Is anyone interested to try out on this new baby thingy?
Give me a call, alright? Hehe..