Thursday, September 30, 2010

J Lo Perfumes

Recently, iPhone4 is such a hot topic among the youngsters...
Even my little cousin talk about this~

You can hear everything about iPhone on the street...
Advertisement...Facebook... here and there...

While everyone is busy discussing about iPhone 4..
Crazy about this new gadget..



I am dreaming about something else.
Something which I had long neglected.
My favorite.
My collection.


Yes. I have been crazy about perfumes...
Looking at those pictures might drag my soul away.

The glow series by JLO

Glow is the first fragrance by Jennifer Lopez. The fragrance was meant to target women in their late teens and early 20s and it became very popular breaking numerous records in sales which inspired other celebreties to launch their own signature fragrances. Notes are: neroli, pink grapefruit, rose, sandalwood, amber, musk, jasmine, iris and vanilla. J.Lo describes Glow as ‘a skin-scent’. It is described as ‘clean’, even soapy with a sweet, powdery trail. Glow was created by Louise Turner, Catherine Walsh in 2002. Read about the new limited edition of J.Lo Glow in the news section- Glow with J.Lo

Glow Perfume by Jennifer Lopez, Glow is a soft, sexy, scent touched with subtle, clean freshness. Bright citrus fruits are mingled with sheer florals, warmed with soothing vanilla and musk. Glow is bursting with feminine sparkle and alive with warm sensuality.

L.A Glow


Sunkisses Glow

The first glow from Jennifer Lopez

Glow after dark

Love at first glow

The latest perfume from JLO

Live by JLO

Yewww..can't resist that temptation.
I am gonna get them. NOT ALL of course. =)
At least one of them.

Next month.

Yes. Take this as my target of the month.
Cut down some expenses, and move towards this.
Haha XD

May the dream comes true.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

In less than 24 hours.
I will get my freedom.

The freedom to do many many things which I had neglected recently.

Song composing...
Trying out new stuffs... etc...
Not to forget,
Shopping! XD

Thinking of that... It makes my life so much better.
Well, at least, less suffer for now.
As the revision now is really TORTURING me.
Revising Management Decision Science...
My friends said it is easy...
Ya, it is. But, I just have no interest in it.
That's why I end up blogging + face-book-ing + gaming!

Huhu... dislike maths...
But surprisingly... Accounting is my major!

Well, anyhow.
I'll try my best.

Not to worry mum and dad...
I won't waste your hard earn money to re-take that subject.

BUT. Pray for me alright.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010


My hotmail account has been blocked!!
Aarrrgghh!! They just blocked me without any reason..

Some says my account has been hacked...
Is that true?

I'd tried to seek help from the windows live solution center,
and I just did what they require me to: Fill in the particular form, to verify I am the owner.


After I'd submitted the form.
They just declare that I am NOT the owner of the account.
What the....

Why? Why?
So how?
Meaning that I have to terminate my account?
What about all the mail I have there?
All my files?

GREAT huh...
Of all the users, I am the chosen one.
God tells why...

No wonder....
We have this in facebook...

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

家人…… 朋有…… 亲人…… 爱人……



下着绵绵细雨…… 偶尔,有着微微的凉风吹过……

纵使我不断告诉自己 :“ 我的选决定是对的,离开他,我能解脱许多……”

我给了好多机会,但是…… 似乎都没用。

我的心情 + 今夜的天空,

Friday, September 17, 2010

Special Moon Cake

My sister received a special moon cake gift from her friend...
Well, the word "special" is used here as this gift set is really amazing...

It attracts my attention when I first look at it...why? is so colorful...and, beautiful...

nice? 4 moon cakes + 4 dorayaki

These moon cakes are not like the one you could get from departmental store...
It is more basis...
Meaning, you order it, and they will deliver right to your door step.
It is just perfect for sending as gift during this mid-autumn festival~~ ^^

To my surprise, this gift set not only comprises of moon cakes, but also dorayaki !
They have got different fillings...
strawberry, milk.... well, just couldn't find red-bean...
so, they are not the original dorayaki that are preferred by doraemon... XD

dorayaki ~~

strawberry's filling...

I can't really guess what ingredients they used to make those moon cakes..
Because, they don't taste like jelly...
And they are not the baked-type moon cakes...
And definitely not the snow-skin moon cakes...
But, they need to be kept in the refrigerator.





green tea

To clear our doubt, we then decided to try one. So, the green tea moon cake is chosen.
This is how it looks like...
Few layers, and it is creamy inside...

Happy Mid Autumn Festival To You.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

All The Best In EXAMS

To those who are sitting for SPM trial exam...

To all my fellow friends, who are sitting for final exam next week (including me),

Try our best. Never give up easily...
Nobody loves to prepare for exam...
Nobody loves to sit for exam...
Nobody loves to answer those exam questions...

BUT. Anyhow, we still have to be that "NOBODY".
Gambatte Kudasai~

Monday, September 13, 2010

I am sure many of us know how to cook pasta.
Well. Can't deny. It's just a simple meal.
Nothing special. Nothing difficult. Yet, it's super tasty!

But. Even if it's simple. For me, it's a delicious meal.
I for once, used to love it so much~~
Now. It's still one of my favorite. But, not as crazy as I used to be before. =)

I decided to prepare this dish again...
There are many different varieties of pasta.
However, I prefer Spaghetti Bolognese...

So. There I cooked.

My way of cooking is simple... (but not as simple as just opening up a can of tomato puree and mix it with spaghetti ...LOLZ)

Some photos for sharing purposes...
(well, regarding the ways of cooking, yours and mine might be different from each other ^^)

Please...feel free to share / teach me on the correct way of cooking...thanks, I'll appreciate it very much... ^^

gathering all the necessary ingredients...

these are all I needed...

Waiting for the sauce to boil...

cooking spaghetti

chilled spaghetti in the ice-water

pan-fried spaghetti with butter & oregano leaves + Italian herbs

meal is served !

Her Sweet sweet day

Yes. My friend, Vanessa... has officially turned into an ADULT!

I love those balloons..

Vanessa~ Pretty girl...

Adult in the sense that:
  1. She is allowed to enter casino
  2. Does not need to seek approval from parents anymore ( true is this, I wonder)
  3. Allow to....
Well. Imagine yourself then... =)

Congrats my friend.

Vanessa and I...

Welcome to the world of 21 yea...

Saturday, September 11, 2010

This year, as usual, I'll have to go raya visiting with my parents.
However, something different was, our routine was kinda funny.

We went Seremban --> Melaka --> Rembau --> Melaka
Weird huh?
But that was how it goes.
Probably daddy loved to travel?! XD

Something I like about raya is... The food!
Hoho... Different varieties of delicious Malay cuisine were served...
Lemang.. Ketupat.. Rendang.. Lontong.. Ayam Masak Merah...

However, this year...
I spotted something different in one of the house...
A mini-colorful cupcakes were served!

Those were so colorful and...
They looked so tempting to me!

No wonder, I am smiling all the way...

Selamat Hari Raya ~

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Nice Things For Share ?

When I am down,
I mean, when something has disappointed me,
normally, I love to look at beautiful and colorful stuffs...

Especially....Food / Drink that are colorful...
Though I know, those are not in the category of "nutritious" or "healthy",
but simply looking at it, somehow, I feel much better.

At least, not that upset... =)

mango smoothies? oopz..I've forgotten the name of it... =p

Now. I have got a dessert to share with you.
It's called "cendol".
Hmm... FYI, it's part of baby-nyonya's cuisine.
I've found a not-so-bad "cendol" in the town of Melaka.
Why do I say so?
Haha...Because, it's really cheap!
Imagine, you are able to enjoy it with only 2 bucks!

No lies...Look...

~side view of cendol~

Apart from food and drinks, looking at beautiful scenery would be my 2nd choice for stress management.

Bay's view...
Mountain's view...



Well. For the time being, I am only showing you the view at the sea-side.

In love with this...
P/S: I even make this as the background of my laptop~ =)

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Been through a fabulous week... =)

Went to an awesome musical concert on Thursday.
It was organized by Yin Qi Music Center, a non-profit Christianity Organization.

The performance of the night was fantastic!
Somehow, it encouraged me a lot.
Too bad, we were not permitted to capture any photos during the performance.

Well, I gained some extraordinary experiences after attending the show.
Something good, isn't it?

Next. Went to Felicia's 21st birthday party yesterday.
Again, we enjoyed ourselves very much.
Hmm... something special about the party was, we girls are required to wear PINK.
Why? Haha...XD
Because PINK is the favorite color of our birthday girl !


PINK ladies~~

From right: Felicia, sherryn, Ee lin, Me, Yee, Sher ling, Cheryl, Mee Lan

The birthday girl...

Felicia & I

From left: Juen, Fang Ying, Tying, Felicia, Me, Sherryn.
Back: Fam

Posing with....Nuggets?! Gosh...


High school mates of mine...

Last but not least, gonna send my best wishes to Felicia.
Happy sweet 21st Birthday!
God bless ya...
stay happy + pretty always~