Tuesday, June 29, 2010



Also known as Best Friend Forever.

I have 1 group of them.
Which I name them as my "gang".
Yes. Gang.

I thank god for giving me the opportunity to know them.
I thank god for giving me this group of friends.

I appreciate it.
Love you, my friends.

Photos source from elaine khoo @ elainestories.blogspot.com

A NeW Begin for MsWaTer

5 months ++ from the last time I updated my so-call "blog".
Now I am back.

Just when I am about to "officially" shut down my blog...
"wait!" There goes a voice asking me not to do so.
"better think twice..."
"writing in blog can be a way of expressing..."
"don't you remember? what was your very 1st motive to start a blog??"

I remember.
I write, because I wanna share!
I write, because I wanna express!

Everything will be back to normal.
Perhaps nobody tend to read, *which I guess is true*
Never mind.
I am so gonna treat this as My very own DIARY!