Friday, August 27, 2010

Hmm...few days ago, while I was thinking of what to eat for lunch...where to dine-in...

Suddenly, something crossed my mind.

Hey, I know how to cook.
SO, why don't I cook myself?

"What about cooking something healthy?"

HEALTHY in the sense of:

  1. less oil (preferably oil-free)
  2. nutritious
  3. less fat
  4. hygienic

Thought of that, I started to hunt for ingredients in the refrigerator.

Eventually, I managed to gather all the ingredients I need.
  • Egg tofu (soft bean curd)
  • Chicken breast
  • Eggs
  • Onion
  • Tomatoes
  • Carrots
  • Spring onion

Well, those are all I need in order to cook a simple yet healthy meal. (purely my opinion only)

Haha..Well, some pictures which I had taken....(for sharing purposes) XD

Heating up frying pan~~

tomato omelets ( my style)



it turned into pieces~~

Steam egg-tofu with tomato

Carrot with porridge

Lunch of the day! =)

The omelet was a failure.
But, surprisingly, it was delicious!
My lunch combination of
porridge + steam egg-tofu + omelet = CONTENTED & SATISFIED


What A DAY!


  1. Evelyn`Wann said...
    Simple lunch is nice sometimes =)
    I love to throw carrot, cabbage, crab stick, meatball and anything that I could find in the fridge into my porridge..LOL It tastes nice, somehow...haha
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, wayyyy to go! Nothing like being able to cook. You are independent, apart from saving money too.
    And your cooking looks good too.
    Can I come for lunch? Ha ha.
    Have fun, Lee.
    samurai@teraflare said...
    Mmm...that looks good. you sure gonna teach me how to make that toufu with the meat on top of it...

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