Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Place I love


I was brought to a very beautiful place in Melaka.
I never been there before.
So. It was new to me. =)

I found peace.
I found fresh air.
And yea, it was just a perfect place to sit down, relax, sooth your soul.

No traffic.
No pollution. (well, at least I couldn't sense it)
No noise.

I am just loving it.


Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner @ City Bayview

19th November.

Huhu... grandpa got an invitation to a charity dinner @ Hotel City Bayview.
It's organized by the state government. (The J.P Council)

Well. Since grandpa wanted us to join, so, to avoid disappointing him, we attended the dinner.

That dinner is quite formal & grand,
So, we (mummy, sister, and I) decided to dress up properly and make-up ourselves before attending the dinner.

We went for a hair-do.

Overall. The dinner was so so so bored!

endless speech.. huhu.. *Our Chief Minister*

We were each given a magazine...

We entertained our self by taking photos...

my siblings

aunt jessie & uncle vincent


mummy & daddy

After the dinner...

with mummy~~


Saturday, November 13, 2010

My favorite dessert: Tai Bak & Cendol.

Those are the well-known Baba-Nyonya's cuisine.
Basically, I love them very much.
But just have no idea where to get delicious tai bak in Melaka.

Not until recently...
I manage to try it out at Bukit Rambai.
The place is kinda far from town...
But, it's very peaceful, not so noisy, and most importantly,
with less trafic...

Oh gosh..I just love the place very much...

"cendol leaves" & "pandan leaves" plant by the owner

the stall was not big though, but the owner was soOoo lovely & friendly...

cendol, filled with super thick coconut milk~~ BRAVO~

Tai Bak

Yay~ see the smile on my face...that tells how nice the cendol is.. ^^

HAppY HaPPy!!

Okay. I know.
Studying isn't easy.
You have to read, understand, memorize, and eventually sit for the examination.
It's tough...

Same goes to those who are working.
They have to work, face their colleague, face their manager, and deal with their clients..
It's very stress...

What can a person does when he / she feel stress?

After observing the people around me for sometimes...eventually, I manage to conclude that:
There are 5 ways to release stress. (well, those are top 5 in my family~)

Below are the ways that my family members and I used to apply:

1) Go shopping! (especially for ladies)

mummy enjoying her time in the mall...

feeling contented with a big sweet smile! ^^

2) Do something that you wouldn't do normally...

Example: my brother... setting his hair in an UNUSUAL way...

3) Eat. Finish everything in your bowl.

empty bowl with nothing left in it...

4) Go SPA.

tried out the fish spa... let those fishes play a role in releasing your stress..^^

5) Close to nature

sometimes, get close to nature isn't that bad after all...

No matter what ways you choose to release your tension.
It doesn't matter.
Just remember that You HAVE to find a way to release your stress.
You might be ended up being crazy.
Or, in other words, mentally unsound.

Cheers! ^^

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Six more from Mummy...

Thanks to my mummy..
She bought me another six bottles of perfumes few days ago...

Though some are not classified as branded, but, yea, they are beautiful! ^^

Love the bottles so much...

to me, these 2 are twins...

bottle in blue~~

bottle in purple (my favorite color! ^^)

bottle in orange / light pink (sorry, hard to tell from the picture)

3 different colors in a row...

another 1 perfume set... ( consists of 1 perfume, 1 body lotion, and 1 body glitter)

I like this.. kinda unique..

Yay! Love all of them! They are my babies! ^^

Mummy. Thank you so much for these...
Thanks for buying me these...

Love you~~ ^^

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Food hunting is something really fun and enjoyable...


1) Went to a steamboat + grill buffet @ Dataran Pahlawan.

Steamboat with tomyam soup as the base


somehow, I like the grill ham...

2) Went to pillow bar @ Melaka raya... (that place is so cozy...full of pillows^^)

managed to try out the peach vodca


In love with it...not bad...^^

3) Went to Nadeje (the cake house that Sher Ling & I had long waited @@)

layer cheese cake...

we ordered 4 different flavors: original, cheese, double choco, and Melaka Special

half way through... ^^

4) Lastly, we became 1 day tourist in Melaka @@...

yay! lol..

Couldn't believe this. But yea, we actually went to the Museum!
Below are some pictures I love... Little miniatures... ^^

Memorable 1... friends forever! =)