Wednesday, December 31, 2008

31th December 2008.
Obviously, it is the last day of the year.
Looking at the time now...
Hmm.. another few minutes later I'll be saying goodbye to 2008, and greeting 2009.

Guessing what others are doing right now??
Having drinks and chatting at the cafe and Mamak stall?
Enjoying the night breeze down the street and waiting for the moment to yell:
Or just like me,
sitting at home...doing absolutely nothing??

Stupid final exam...
Otherwise, I might be like one of them,
waiting for the beautiful moment, and welcoming 2009 with both hands wide open!
It destroys my mood! Yucks...

Well, back to reality...
Luckily, I still have the accompaniment from my laptop.
Therefore, what to do??

Being WATER for almost 7 years,
this comes to my mind suddenly...
"you gotta transform yourself!"
Amazing, isn't it?


  • Change from love, to double love my family--> Love them more than this year!
  • Change from a stupid girl to a smarter creature-->I wanna forget and let go somebody!
  • Change from a lazy girl to a super hardworking one--> study more!
  • Change from a God Love individual to a Love God person--> serve god more and with everything I can!
  • Change from a bad tempered person to a patient person--> don't get angry easily!
  • Change from a shopaholic to a workaholic--> learn to control money!
the list still goes on and on.

Seems like there are so many things that need to be changed!
Whatever it is, according to my lecturer, changes can be good though.
The world needs changes; Countries need to be changed;
Organization needs changes; Universities need changes;
Why not human being??

I change....
Of course from bad to good!

Happy New Year All.
And lastly...
Blessed 2009 to ya...Yee Lin-Water!

Monday, December 29, 2008

What a lucky person I am!

Visited Hong Kong Disneyland last week, before Christmas.
Which was why, I had the opportunity to view so many special shows featuring Disney's Character!
That amazed me so much!
Although it is not as big as Tokyo's, ( i guess) but, it is a beautiful place.

My Family.

Night view.

Love this! Castle for sleeping beauty....

Since we are going during Christmas season, must be a parade then!
The parade was nice...and interesting.
Saw many disney's characters marching during the parade.
Best of all, they were all beautifully decorated with colorful stuffs, it made everything so lively!
Love it...

The parade's theme for the year: Let It Snow!

Mickey! A huge one...

Oh no! Chipmunks....what an adorable creature!

This is the favorite. It has snow white, Cinderella, sleeping beauty...all the beautiful fairytale princess!

She is cute..standing on top of the tower.

Snow White..yea, she is way too fair..

Cinderella!!! if in the attractive!

Ahah! Mermaid with her underwater's friends!

A good one. Photo with character in toy's story.

Besides the parade, like I said, there are a lot of special events held there.
The nice one would be the "Golden Mickey Awards".
The reason is because, there, we gotta see all the heroes and heroin.

All... Photo taken while show was finished. (actually we are not allowed to use flash camera)hehe..

Me! While watching the show. ^^

Ahah! Not forgetting the food there.
Well, the food was so so only. Not very tasty, since it is a, you know, they are not focusing on the food.
So, we had a very simple lunch.

Plain rice with some sweet sour meat. Hmm...i like the container, it has 2 mickeys at the corner!

Ofcourse, pop corn...hey, theirs is very tasty as compared to ours! Haha...(personal opinion only)

Manage to capture photos with the main character of Disney.

-The statue of Minnie-

The real Mickey!

When it was time to be back to Malaysia,
aha...something caught our attention while waiting in the airport, guess what??


A perfect end for our visit to Hong Kong!

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Water Drops In Hong Kong

Can't believe it...finally...I'm back again after enjoying myslef in HK!

Many of my friends and family members tend to ask me this,

" How was it?"
Well, what I would say is...
" Err...overall...everything was good and nice. It was just that, some of the people there are truly,

That's it.

Let me further explain why did I say so.

First, this is the most most most most horrible and terrible thing
I can ever consider.
When I reached the land of Hong Kong, which was the airport,
The immigration officer that I came across was the worst airport officer ever!
Know what?
Probably he thought I don't know mandarin and Cantonese.
He said...
"These people ar... can be like ah zhu, ah kao, etc..." (in Cantonese,means pig, dog...etc),
He murmured this and many bad things in front of me while checking my travel document.
The reason was because,
He couldn't figure out the surname of the Malays couple in front of me.
Which was why, he said these people, means we Malaysian!
Hey!!! Come on....not we don't have the surname SIR...
It's because YOU DO NOT HOW TO READ ABC!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I wonder, how do you manage to get the post of immigration officer??!!
I should go back to...Hmmm...
probably kinder garden and re-learn your ABC again!
Got very angry with this.
I got scolded by the lady driving boat when I refused to stand in the strategic position while trying to capture some photos during the boat tour.(eler..that was purely her opinion,not mine! I don't think it is strategic at all)
Hey hey hey...Madam! I got the freedom to capture photos at anywhere, and from any angle that I love... Why you scolded me huh??

This was the boat...

reminder: Don't waste your money here, it costs HK$50 (appro. RM25) per person, but nothing to view.

Then...this was the most common one.
We got scolded by a lady with all bad words when my dad didn't buy fruits from her after asking her the price and so on.


although there were so many more..but still..
things that were happy are more than all these.

Yay yay!

The best thing...Shopping!
Haha...Managed to get many cool and beautiful stuffs there.

Saw this while shopping. A Dress made of paper. Cool....

Wonderful fashion. One of the favorite shop...

Next, The food!
Whoa...manage to try so many delicious food.
Here are some of them,

giant scallop. This was super fresh+tasty!

Local curry and herb crab. A good one! *Thumb up*

dessert, sago milk with fruits. Sis's favorite.

dessert with fresh strawberries. Very delicious!

The best! Can ya see the 'smoke' from the side of the bowl?? ^^

My favorite of all! Bird nest's egg tart.

A new try for me, black sesame jelly kuih.

Not bad, coffee's jelly.

All about Sago .

Besides these, I managed to capture a few shots featuring the beautiful scenery.

View taken from the flight, I name it: THE VIEW ON TOP OF MALAYSIA.



Standing at the mountain to take a look aound HK

Nice beach.

Coming soon...
I shall write about my experience in Disneyland in my next post.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Here I Come~~

One day left~~

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

World is all about MONEY

Why is this world becoming more and more materalistic, I wonder.
I know, we tend to say this when we write eassay, debate, article and so on.
But, when it happens to me in real life, it is so so real, no longer something which is abstract.
This is so....

SAD, this is what I can say.

Just phoned up this person in charge for the magic show in my exhibition event.
Haih...thought she is so nice, but...
"We will be counting every single minutes, including the waiting time",
This freezed my heart temporarily. I know, yes, yes, all you want is profit,
but you don't have to repeat that few times.
Because, I can hear you! And I'm not a dummy, I understand you OK.

before she ended the conversation,
"Miss, I'll like to collect some deposits upon confirmation".
What the~~ again.
Our society is under budget!!!!

Can ya see,
that's what exactly I mean,
World = Money.

even baby tends to love $$.

not to say adult(s), they tend to stick $$ on the face!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

yep, don't get me wrong. 3 In 1 here means I'd done three things in one day. So, that doesn't mean the instant coffee ok.

I'd done three "great" things today.

Celebrate sherryn's 19th birthday!
Well..that was a memorable one, with delicious food, beautiful people around....superb!

-A Gang of us-

-Capturing this with the birthday girl.-

Which was my favourite!
yahoo...bought things again. (equals to spending & wasting money again..swt..)
Well..well..nevermind, we, as consumer, must spend in order to help the economy flows.
So, in other word, I'm actually contributing to the economy.
Oh god, can't believe it! ^^

Stayed back in campus till 10:30p.m, helping out together with sherryn and ee lin to decorate the MUMOS recruitment board.
Hmm..was kinda bored at first. (Maybe because I was very tired after 1 day shopping??)
But well, it turned me on when I gotta involve in the task.
Overall, the board was simple, but nice.
Like it~~

-Our Simple and Nice work-

Ee Lin, Me, Sherryn, happily ever after! Haha~
(P/s: We didn't help out much in this board)

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Friday, December 12, 2008

--X'Mas Mood--

Just got back my laptop yesterday.
Luckily...manage to get it fixed within 2 days.
As you know, life without computer can be kinda torturing...

I received a special gift before christmas.
That is...

HoHo... yea...that's whole laptop was gone! Didn't work at all.

Anyway...X'Mas is around the corner.

Although I got the shocking gift before 25th December, but it doesn't affect my mood either.

Yea yea...I loveeeee Christmas!
We ( my family) did set up the X'Mas tree last week.
What I can say is, it was a nice day!
Truly enjoyed it.

Well, doing stuffs together as a family can be fun and nice. It reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about food, present, or what...
But most a reminder to us about the birth of Jesus Christ.
So, together as a family,
Hoping that the relationship among family members will be improved and of course, Blessed!
Ahah.. together we form a great L-O-V-E~~

Conclusion ---> WONDERFUL! :-)

Ahah.. a brand new X'mas tree.


Before we decorate

Half decorated.

Work done! (^^)