Saturday, September 4, 2010

Error found in Petrol station!

Took a picture at petrol station the other day.
Found something interesting yet funny....

To those who understand mandarin, you might understand what is happening here..

And to those who doesn't understand, so sorry yea...=)

basically, it is all about spelling error made by a petrol station.
Supposingly, it should be 柴油 for Diesel.

However, this particular petrol station wrote 油屎 for Diesel ~

LoLz...FYI, to define this:

油 stands for petrol ;

屎 refers to.... EXCREMENT in english.

Excrement is defined as --> "SHIT" in other word.

Oopz. sorry for using this word, but this is the fact~~

SO? When both of this are combined together, what will it become?

Hopefully, the management in that particular petrol station will discover this error then. ^^

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