Friday, August 13, 2010

Not A Very Pleasant Week

My mid-term result for the subject Advanced Management Accounting had been released few days ago.

To be honest, I didn't score well.
In fact, I did badly actually.

Even though I had expected my result to be very poor for this subject,
but, I was still very upset when I saw my result.
Don't have the courage to face it.

Don't know why,
I am still quite upset, even until now.

Many of my friend told me not to worry. At least I passed.
Some told me accept the fact as it already becomes a fact.
But, can I?

Yes. I passed. I admit it.
I am fortunate enough to pass this paper.
(Coz I did wrongly for the last section)
But why is it so difficult for me to accept this fact huh?
Am I a coward?

Come to think about that... ...
Hey, I think I am really a COWARD.

Often, I am so afraid in accepting facts.
Especially those that could actually change the entire consequences of a situation to a bad one after accepting facts.
To me, I rather remain in the initial stage, where everything remains the same,
with no one gets hurt, and everyone stays happily ever after.
Just like the fairy tale.

Okie dokie, I know.
I accept the fact that I am a coward. =)


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