Saturday, November 28, 2009

First Christmas Gift !

I surprisingly got my first christmas present yesterday!

Thanks Mummy...
For buying me such a lovely gift.

One word to describe it.


Now. My perfume collection has got another new add-on.
More to go...
Of course.. more to go..

*miniatures 5-in-one perfume Christmas gift set, exclusively from Lancome~Paris*

I wonder, is papa going to buy us Christmas present this year?
Or, is there any Santa clause this year?

Sunday, November 22, 2009

I discovered something from my friend via YouTube just now.
A video clip that shows my fellow church members & I (although I just appear appx 3sec)!
*can you spot me?? *

We took part in a song composing competition last year, organized by the Methodist Church.
We managed to enter into the final round.
But unfortunately, we did not succeed during the final.

That doesn't matter.

Competition and result were NOTHING.
But, the path way where all of us went through was something!
We experienced so much fun & excitement.
And for me, I'd gained an extraordinary experience to compose song!

If you don't mind, just click the clip below.
FYI, this song is called “你一直都在” ,
(direct translation: God, You're always there for me)

Though it might not be nice to some of you...and the clip seems a little blur..
But well, who cares right? ^^
Hope you enjoy it...

Written by: PoiLi & I(MsWaTeR)

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Missing You - O' My Love

What do you see when you look up into the sky?
What comes to your mind when you look into the sky?

Love ones?
Or, perhaps, just like me, you see something different.
You feel something extraordinary.

To me, I see and feel many things.
Especially--A Lost Memory.

A memory towards my Love...

Back then, I was a brave girl.
I knew how to fight for own rights.

Now, I assume myself as a coward.
I am afraid to tell the truth, and to do the things I like.

I LOVE music.
I LOVE to be in front of the piano.
Singing, playing with the keys, composing songs...and so on...

But, those were in the fine old days.

Now, I am no longer attach with it.
Neither emotionally nor physically.

"We do not want you to fall in love with it."
That was the answer, given by my super-duper dad.
"Just concentrate in your studies."
"Accounting has got a brighter future."

Oh yea?
God knows.

I actually got a chance to further my musical studies in overseas few years back.
But that had became a dream.
A dream that will never come true.

richard clayderman

Yiruma (korean pianist)

LangLang (Chinese Pianist)

Those are the famous pianists that I admire.
How I wish I could be like them.
Well, again, I have no option.
The only option I have, is to proceed with my current studies.

Miss you so much.
O' My Love~piano.

Dad, can you see how much is my love towards music?
I guess so...

Everyone has a dream.
Not every dream has to be true.

I understand, dad...

Thursday, November 5, 2009



For the past 20 years, I did not realize this.
Not until today.

I am having trouble in wrapping books.

To define it in other words, I should say this.
I am facing big problem in wrapping up all my text books.
In fact, I realize now.
I HATE to do this task.
Just do not know why.


If I choose not to wrap up the books,
then I shall expect to see wrinkles eventually.

Sometimes, even a simple task will create a big problem for me.

Not that I do not know how to do this wrapping job.
But, I just could not do it perfectly just like how others did.
Please, someone..

Mind to teach me the perfect skill of wrapping books?
I will appreciate it.