Friday, August 20, 2010

Cool Sites you will NEVER regret

Found several nice websites while I was doing revision for my quiz tomorrow.
Cool huh? I manage to surf the net and study at the same time! XD

A site to comfort your soul...
especially when you are facing stress, and in need of some peaceful yet comfortable music to sooth your soul.

Click here --> All Music For Soul

Next, if you are a perfume lover, just like me!
Wanna try a new fragrance from HUGO??
Yes? But don't feel like buying? is the place where you can actually get a free sample!

Click here --> Hugo Fragrance For Free

Next, feel like doing some online shopping?
Girls, is it time to top up some jewelries in your accessory's box?
Guys, thinking of what to buy for your girl's friend as gift?'s it.
A site where you can find different types of accessories in affordable price. In fact, cheap!
Plus, the seller is super friendly. A nice lady...she even provides custom made services.

Click here -->

Okay. That's the end for now.
Do check it out~


  1. samurai@teraflare said...
    is that fragrance stuff a scam? sounds like not so safe~~ >.< lol
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, very nice.
    There are today more than 3 Billion sites to check out!
    I do spend quite abit of time checking out interesting sites as well collecting any interesting pics.

    You have a nice day, Lee.

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