Wednesday, August 26, 2009

What Did I do last week?

Went for an interview at LLY & Associates, an accounting firm last week.

-us, together with another 2 chartered accountants-

Obviously, that was for the purpose of our assignment, AIS 1.
Well, most of us have planned to start writing our assignment this week,
But..just out of sudden, this happen few days ago...

" NO. You can't interview an audit firm. "
"Sir, what if we had already interviewed the company? "
" NO choice. You have gotta find a new company and RE-Interview again."

What the....
That was the conclusion.
Now. Eech of us has got to scratch our head... *scratch till bleeding*
In order to look for another company to interview.
This is obviously not an easy task.
As we have not much time left.

Though there are tons of assignments...
Who cares?
Family Day is still a MUST!
A small gathering of "Teh's Family" ~~

These are some of the food that we had...and guess what?!
I have planned to learn the way of baking some of these,
Of course, during my final break later.

-mashed potato, exclusively from Aaron..-
This is really really nice. No lies..

-apple muffin, from Lilian-
I ate 3 of this. So, imagine the taste of it!

-part of the food for the night-

-a must for a health conscious family like us!-

-of course, not to forget this "MUST" after every meal-
*pu-er tea...*

And now.
Something which embarrass me for days...

Does it look nice?
Hmm..I guess yea..
From the picture, I lOoks nice right?
But trust me, It is NOT!
That was my hasil kerja last week.
" Melted Marshmallow with choco chips "

~so embarrassing la...~

Supposedly, it should be something edible...
However, it ends up to be in a liquid form.
At last, we made it into marshmallow spread.

Hoping to learn more skills from Aaron & Lilian.
They are such a good cook!

Friday, August 21, 2009

View This! View This!

View this if you are following the case of Teoh's mysterious death...

-->...Revealing The Truth? Click here...<--

Again, may Teoh rests in peace. Amen.

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Internal Bleeding

So many things happened lately.

My mum met with a road accident last week.
Talk about this, I can feel the FIRE burning inside my heart, deeply.
Guess what?!
Although it was not my mum's fault in the accident,
(somebody not obeying the traffic light's rules).

But, when my mum went to lodge a report, Oh my goodness. They just simply FORCE my mum to say that it was my mum's fault!

Yes, you got my point. They use their authority to
FORCE us..the poor citizens.

Force us to sign the agreement. Force us to accept what they said.
In other words, they just simply force us to obey them!
Who they think they are hUh...
Treating us like an animal...
I wonder, what if the same thing happens on their love ones? Will they feel the same like I do?
Hmm...let the mighty God be the judge.
I might just stand and watch.

Tell you what. I'm not afraid to get caught by whoever, neither the PO**** nor the I**!
As I'm just telling the truth.

Luckily, nothing happen to my mum.
Thank God for this.
No injuries. Just some aftershock. And of course, a lot of disappointments.
Again, to the country as well as to the enforcer.
The feeling of trust...No more...
The feeling of proud... No more...

What's left?
A heart which is bleeding...internally...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

I am Terrible

I keep telling myself this.

stop being greedy.
stop demanding.
stop confusing.
stop hesitating.
stop wondering.

Sad to be announced here.


I am terribly in need for HELP!
Shall I call for S.O.S?

Friday, August 7, 2009

Cute Stuffs

Oh my dearest god.
Found something online while doing my research just now.
They are soOO cute!
Gosh...super cute.

Well, I keep surfing the internet lately.
Trying to look for some new clothes for my baby Ben.
And of course, this is the season to add some new apparel for him!
*I can't find any nice apparel in melaka. Sad case...*

These are what I am gonna buy for my BB Ben. ^^

Haih..poor little baby Ben.
Don't know what happen to him lately.
He got his left front leg injured few days ago, all in a sudden.
Brought him to the vet, and they too, could not explain what had happened to my BB Ben.
They told me is the problem of BB Ben's skin.
"Too Sensitive"
LoL..What the..

What I see is, BB Ben can't walk in a proper manner. Looks somehow like..."Strained Leg Dog"...
But, what the vet told me was, "skin is too sensitive"...
Till now, I still can't relate that.

Well...Thank god. Today, BB Ben is getting better after consuming some pills.

Get Well Soon Ben~~
With Lotsa Loves.....

Monday, August 3, 2009

I was pissed off when I watched this video clip.

-->*click here for the clip*<--

I felt so upset about this.
Something had crossed my mind just now.

Was that the late Mr.Teo Beng Hock in the video?
Had he been beaten up in such a way that one will get pissed off while watching it?

Although it had been confirmed that the man wasn't him,
To me..
It makes no different.

It truly...undoubtedly shows that...
Human rights no longer has existed in our country.
I really could not understand why the enforcer can still
"close one eye, and open another"

To me, they are actually applying the concept of
"close two eyes!"

For once, I used to think that Malaysia is a nice country to stay in.
I admit it.
Nice food, nice weather, nice place, and nice people.
BUT, that was the past. Now? Definitely NOT anymore. No No No......

No longer safe.
No more unity.
No more happiness.
Only with tears, hatred , hopelessness, disappointments...

Poor citizens can only voice out their opinions in the virtual world.
But not the real world. Why?

I do not have to explain or elaborate on this, I suppose.

The clue will be,
Remain silent will eventually safe your life.
Think of your love ones.
Life is precious.
Please do not foolishly voice out something knowing that there will be no outcomes at the end.
"They are high up in the sky, acting like a king"
"We are just the poor citizens, squatting like nobody."

No Doubt.
Think. Keep quiet. Re-think. And remember.