Saturday, August 7, 2010

My Body Lotion List

Body lotion plays a relatively important role in my daily life.
It is equally important
just like all other skin care product of mine.

Why do I require body lotion?
Don't ask me why, as I am not able to answer this actually.
What I know is,
I need them in order to survive!
I can't continue my day without applying lotion after my shower/bath.

Weird huh? doubt...there are people like this.
So, I am NOT the only weirdo I guess.. =)

the life span of my current lotion has eventually came to the end. wondering...which lotion should I choose next?
I am not really a person in favor of brand switching...
Will only do that when a particular product doesn't suit me.
Or, when that product doesn't satisfy my needs.

So, any suggestion?

This is what I am using currently :

I like this very gives a very comfortable scent, and most importantly a
non-sticky feeling~


Awesome scent just like its perfume! Also, it provides non-sticky feeling!


Dislike this, as it gives an extremely sticky feeling after-use!
Also, it gives an uncomfortable scent that fails my nose, very much~

Thinking to switch to --->

Shiseido - Body Replenishing Cream

Nature Republic - Green Vera

The Body Shop - Satsuma Puree Body Lotion

Clinique - Turnaround body

Etude House - Sweet appleade body lotion

Hmm... which will you choose?


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