Monday, June 29, 2009

Party Planning

I'm afraid will be busy for this whole week.
Of course..
Beside all those "daily routine", going to lecture,attending tutorial...and so on..
Well, my sis and I are gonna plan a hilarious birthday party for my bro this coming saturday!
Though it is not a surprise one for my bro..
But, I promise...for the guests, it will be fun, exciting, and...surprising! ceh...^^

Can't wait for that actually.
Will definitely update some pictures after the party.

Yeeeeaaaaaa! LeT's PartaaaaYYYYY!!!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

New semester...
Taking 7 subjects this semester.
Can I actually cope with that?! Hmm... comes the problem.
Am wondering...
Should I take THEATER or should I take NATIONAL DANCE? indecisive..
Jas told me it's hard for Theater's final exam...
Yea..true..It seems "shockingly" not easy, I mean the exam question.
My mind goes blank as I skimmed through the past year exam papers.

I know what to decide by the end of this week.

God Bless ME.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The number 13.. is said to be an unlucky number.
And so does the date, 13th, people tend to somehow label it as an unlucky day.
But but but..wait!
That does not apply to my sis-Jac's birthday!
Yea..13th June..
It was a good, enjoyable, memorable, and sweet day...
one word, AWESOME!

Yea..celebrating my sis's sweet 17th birthday was a nice one.
Although, we did not have expensive meal and many guests this year,
but, what we had this year was...something unforgettable,
something warm...something...
which made my sister, my brother, and I felt happy...

Morning, we went shopping together... (just 3 of us...we call it a day for siblings)
Unbelievable, bought many pairs of clothes, shorts...and so on...
But, the best thing was, brother even gave opinion while we tried out clothes, which he never did! Haha...

Next, dinner...we had dinner together.
What I mean here is...together as a family.
Well, for me, having a meal with my dad is something very difficult,
as he is very busy all the time...could hardly see his face...perhaps twice a week?! hmm..
So, that night, he purposely canceled all his appointments and spent time with us.
Whoa...I guess that already showed how my dad love his family?! ^^
Thanks dad....

Of course... some picture...

With sis...

Ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbin ..taste good!

birthday girl...

Mum, sis, and Daddy.

Happy ending for the day.
Nice. Contented. Grateful.
Thank god for that.
Hey sis...Happy Birthday! God bless ya~

Sunday, June 7, 2009

M=Matthew=My cousin...a very close one.
J=Julie=My cousin's wife...
Something happy to be shared here.
A day which is full of Love, Joy, Happiness, Care, Fun...etc...
Yup. Their Marriage.
---6th June 2009---

I feel so happy for them actually, as they had been together for quite a long time...
And also, I'm sure they had gone through many ups and downs together.
Eventually, they had make their promise to go into a deeper relationship.
Here, I shall say my wishes to them.


~some sweet memories~

We attended church service in the morning: leading..LoL..

band member..*whoa..very into the worshiping*

Oh ya..I'm the pianist too.. ^^

With the bride and bridegroom

From left: Me, Matthew, Julie, my sis-Jac

--notice that the color of our cloth are just the same as the color of the ribbon!

Dinner at ORNA golf club at night:

the venue

the arrival of guests..we invited people from all races

Normally, people tend to give "red packet' to the host while attending the wedding dinner, but i realize something...
A friend of Julie (the bride), had given the newly-wed a big surprise...which is...

A Gigantic Bear!
How big is it?? is as huge as a young man!
Even my 2 little cutie cousins can't hug it! Haha...

I'm kinda disappointed I did not manage to capture the picture of the wedding couple on that night...haih...
well..well...never mind then...

Me...posing with the photo of M&J Yeww...

with sis

from left: my sis, cousin-Justin, and I

church members

Wonderful. Perfect. Beautiful ending for the day.
That's what I could say for that day.
Though everyone was so tired..but..
who cares?!
As long as we could feel the LOVE is in the air...
That's it....