Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Teddy is never my favorite.

I used to think in such a way.
Why do most of the girls like teddy bear so much?
Queuing up for many many hours...
Just to grab a teddy bear!
To me, that is crazy...
Now, I know why.

Teddy is cute!
Osh..just have a look at my very own bear.
Daddy bought each of us a bear from China. Note here, my bro has one too. ^^
FYI, teddy bear in China is far more cheaper than in Malaysia.

Daddy bought 3 bears for RM50 ONLY.

This is mine.

-Personally, I like this bear. Don't know why....^^-

-The bear and I-

Next, I discover something.
Rachel, my classmate, who just turned 21 last week,
She is a super big fan of teddy bear!

I did not really have a chance to look at her collection of bears.
But, I'm sure.
There are plenty of bears around in her room.

We went to her birthday party last Saturday.

-Her huge cake, in the shape of a key-

-Left:Rachel and I-
Right:Sherryn, Me, Cheryl


-Us again-

We enjoyed so much.
Thanks Rachel for the invite.
The food was awesome.

Back to reality.
Actually, I'm having mid term exam this week.
And, tomorrow.
There is still another paper.
-Accounting Information System (AIS 1)
Gotta back to my desk.

Saturday, July 25, 2009


First of all.
I would like to thank all of you for supporting me throughout the whole journey.
Frankly speaking, I'm so grateful to have all of you by my side..
I appreciate that so much!

No worries.
I'm getting better.
As I need to pay my full attention in my studies like before.
Yo YO..
Score all As.
Hmm..possible or not?? keke..

Having mid-terms now.
Taking seven subjects this semester.
Lagi suxxx.


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

No matter who you are..
No matter where you from..
No matter which course you are taking..
No matter how pretty or good looking you are..
No matter what is in you mind now..

You have got to...

LOVE truly hurts.

Though it did bring you joy, happiness...etc...
Those were all in the past.

The moment you have a crush on somebody,
that will somehow show the starting point towards lies, sadness,
and so,
the break-ups.

'The road not taken"

A poem which I studied during high school.
Yes. I have chosen a road,
full of challenges, ups and downs--uncountable.
If I ever have the second chance,
I rather chose to stay.
NOT to proceed.
Perhaps, you won't be hurt.
And so do I.

after 6 months,
I am no longer yours.
And you are no longer mine.

Believe in facts. Believe in realities.

Monday, July 20, 2009

Am so excited to share something here.

Got an opportunity to learn something "new" over the weekend.

Went over to my dad's friend's shop..and got a chance to learn the art of making tea.

NOW. I know.
To make a cup of good-fine tea, it isn't a simple task.
It is time consuming, it requires many many steps and procedures.
But, what's more...I LOVE it.
I've started to fall for Chinese tea...

In LoVe with Tea and its leaves...

-the art of tea, a.k.a. the art of love!-

Though I have so many things to share about,
but, NO TIME.
Haha...share it some time later i guess. ^^

Next thing which attract my interest is this....

-this drink might let your mind goes wild-

A cup of yummy yummy drink...
~ Crystal Paradise ~
The name of it.
Hmm...it looks beautiful, and tastes wonderful.
It reminds me of a lady in orange.
Looks good from the outside, and so does the inner part of a person!
*I tend to think too much sometimes...so, ignore me*

I shall end my post with this.

Fried-Abalone-Mushroom in Special Thai Sauce.

I forget myself when I have my first bite on this baby thingy.
Forgive me...as I really speechless.

This is what I call....

~~~Heavenly Good~~~**Thumbs Thumbs**

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Stewart's Birthday!

Some updates about Stewart's sweet 16th Birthday...

One day before the party...

Beside preparing the ingredient for food, my sis and I did pack up some small gifts....
Kononnya, "Door Gift" for the guests... ^^

The next day, I woke up extra early in the morning...
LoL..not enough sleep..
Hiah...for the sake of my bro...
Hmm...even there were 2 heavy eye bags underneath my eyes...
Well, still Okay i suppose~~~

I helped to prepare some sushi...(すし/寿司)some rice-based sushi...
Oh yea..we set up a THEME for the party..


-hot-cooked rice for sushi roll-

-basic ingredients for sushi roll-

-an overview of my "output"-

We somehow tried to decorate our house...but it ends up like that....

-balloons were all over the room-

The party was started with makan-makan... (Malaysian's favorite part during party! ^^)

-again...food...anyhow, the food was superb!!-

Next, we proceeded to chit-charting session...
Then karaoke time...games session...and of course...

-photo session-

Eventually, here it comes the main session of the day!
A surprise for everyone!
We actually had a fashion dress-up session....
Throughout the whole night, we (the judges) observed how our guests dressed up...
They were told to wear as fashionable as possible...
Finally, the winner goes to----


Cool right??
Well, congratulation to our Mr. japan And Ms. japan.
Of course, token of appreciation were given to both winners.

Although the party was not as cool as what was being expected, (due to my sis's chicken pox)
But, anyhow, it ended up with laughter and joy..

Thank you everyone for coming.

And bro, happy belated birthday to ya...again...Hehe..
God bless.