Wednesday, January 27, 2010

I attended Jasmine's 21st birthday celebration last Saturday.
I believe everyone should have enjoyed themselves as much as I did.
Well, how can I not?
As we were served with many delicious food & drinks...
Thanks jas for the invites...

Now. I would like to wish Jas a Happy 21st Birthday again.
May God Bless You in your future undertaking...

Moment to be remembered...

...Jas's 21st birthday celebration...

Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Truth

When everyone is talking about saving the earth...
protecting our mother nature...

There are still plenty of people who are not concern about the nature...
They simply dispose off their rubbish everywhere...
Some even burn down the rubbish in the open-air...

Not showing their responsibility as part of the occupant in this earth.
Not showing concern to the mother nature.
Not showing love towards our next generation.

If these people are still insist of polluting the earth...
The truth is,
not long after, the world will soon come to the end.

Here are some pictures which I took near my grandparent's house...
It conveys everything that I am trying to tell you guys...

See the black smoke, do you?

If this happens to be continued...
Can you imagine how will the world looks like in the future?
Probably over the next 5 years? 10 years?

I've seen no one taking any actions against the culprits...
WHERE are the environmental officers?? Sleeping soundly like a baby in their office huh??
Or closing one eyes, even both eyes, as if nothing happens?
Shouldn't they at least, impose some penalties??

Aarrggghh... mad about this! Totally!!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

3 weeks break had eventually came to the end.
It means, another new semester has begun.

Well.. normally..

There are pros & cons when a new semester starts.

- I'll be more discipline.. NO MORE waking up late.. ( 6am instead of 12 noon)
- Control my diet.. attending lectures will somehow "destroy" my mood of food consumption.
- More ethical while spending $$. ( no mood to go shopping when there are loads of stuffs to work on..etc,assignment, tests, quizzes...)

...list goes on...

-My sexy panda eyes will pop-out more frequently due to insufficient of rest
-Although my diet is control, but.. the impact is the same. Why? Coz we will eat more snacks / junks during lecture.. (no choice, lecturer & lecture are extremely bored!! huhu~~)
-Bigger hole in my purse.. (gotta buy text books, pay fees, stationary...)

...and the list goes on...

So, pros / cons... who cares?!
What is being concerned is that,
How am I going to survive through the rest of the 14 weeks?

God knows...I guess...

Friday, January 8, 2010


Have been thinking & planning on how to celebrate my 21st birthday this few day.
(although I know it is way too early to think about that..)

No choice..
Daddy's idea and mine seem to have a little different.

I do not feel like celebrating it actually.. (after having a deep thought)
Well, perhaps just a few close friends, coming over for dinner...
having some chit-chats at the night cafe...etc...

I was told by someone: "Hey, 21st birthday happens to be a very important stage in life. U shouldn't just make it so simple."
aha? Really?
What's more!? My birthday is on the 3rd day of CNY.
What the...
That makes me even harder to meet with my friends.

Daddy is nice.
He wants to celebrate this big day for me.

Should I just do whatever is being arranged?
Or, should I just follow my own will?

Any idea...anyone??
*thanks in advance* ^^

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Melbourne 2009

Back from Melbourne last week.

Year 2009 had eventually ended.
And here it comes year 2010.
Which means..I am getting mature at the same time.
Alright. No worries.

My visit to Melbourne was an unforgettable and enjoyable experience.
Nice food.. friendly citizens.. beautiful scenery.. relaxing weather.. name it..
People there are mostly stress-free..which is good though.. (well, from my observation)
Imagine.. no stress.. how nice yea..

These are some photos for sharing...

*The Scenery*

-The Twelve Apostles-

*My Family & I*

- At Sovereign Hill-

-on the way to Twelve Apostles, Great Ocean Road-

-Sis & I-

-the entrance for the gold mining tour-

-bro & I, posing before the mining tour-

-the real gold-

-the old train-

-in the train-


-koala in the poster-

-koala on the tree-


-Me posing with the kangaroo-


-extremely fresh milk-

-Chris, the friendly man is demonstrating the way to shave a sheep-

-the little house (outside view)-

-the little house (inside view)-

The last thing which I find it very interesting was the...

"Hanging House"

-picture taken on the way to twelve apostles-