Friday, November 5, 2010

What I bought during ECOM fair

" Yee Lin, do you wanna join me to ECOM fair after class?"
My friend, Felicia asked me.

" Hmm..why not? But, what they have there?" I asked.

" No idea, computer gadgets I guess...let's go and find out!"
" Okay~~ "

Well then, Felicia and I went to the so-called Consumer Fair at MITC, without knowing what exactly they are selling there.

Never try, Never know.
SO, we decided to check it out. ^^

My pretty driver...

When we first entered...isshhh.. they FORCED us to wrap up our bag in a very ugly plastic bag.
Huhu..this shows that they are not environmental friendly!

First entered the hall...
Gosh.. what is in front of us was...
Ugly bags, school shoes, kitchen utensils, containers, T-shirts...etc...

Those were definitely not our choice!

Felicia and I looked at each other. And yea.. we agreed to go back after about 15mins.

However, something caught our eyes at the exit.

Cosmetic & Fragrance

I couldn't believe it!
The word FRAGRANCE just appeared right in front of me!

SO. Why wait?

I couldn't believe with my own eyes! They were selling off those branded and non-branded fragrances at a super low price! (warehouse sale~~)

Among those brands were:
CK, Salvatore Ferragamo, Britney Spears, Bvlgari, Lanvin, Harajuku....etc...
And many more!!!

If I am allowed to, I would love to grab all of them!

Well... I manage to get 3 pieces of items only. @@

My first item.

Bvlgari Omnia Crystalline...

Guess how much was it?
It's only....

RM 80!


Perfume lotion from Lanvin...

I bought it at the price of...

RM 30~~

Last. But not least.
The best among all....

Fragrance - Jeanne Lanvin, La Rose~~

The best part of it....
The price~~~

RM 75! (for 100ml)

Wasn't that great?
When I found out that the initial price in store was RM 285...
I lauged and bought it..without second tought...

Love this the most!

Couldn't believe this...
I actually spent RM 185 for these 3 items... ( all in big size)

(^^) yay! happy~~


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