Tuesday, November 23, 2010

New Place I love


I was brought to a very beautiful place in Melaka.
I never been there before.
So. It was new to me. =)

I found peace.
I found fresh air.
And yea, it was just a perfect place to sit down, relax, sooth your soul.

No traffic.
No pollution. (well, at least I couldn't sense it)
No noise.

I am just loving it.



  1. Siang said...
    Pa da pa pa pa~ I'm Loving it~ Mc Donald XD
    AnnaYJia said...
    ahem ..I tot you're Malacca ppl ? How come there's some unfamiliar place for you in Malacca ? LOL...

    Anyway this place looks amazing ! I wanna go there too ! where is it ya ? I wanna lure my bf to bring my there ady XD

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