Saturday, November 13, 2010

Our Way In Reducing Stress!

Okay. I know.
Studying isn't easy.
You have to read, understand, memorize, and eventually sit for the examination.
It's tough...

Same goes to those who are working.
They have to work, face their colleague, face their manager, and deal with their clients..
It's very stress...

What can a person does when he / she feel stress?

After observing the people around me for sometimes...eventually, I manage to conclude that:
There are 5 ways to release stress. (well, those are top 5 in my family~)

Below are the ways that my family members and I used to apply:

1) Go shopping! (especially for ladies)

mummy enjoying her time in the mall...

feeling contented with a big sweet smile! ^^

2) Do something that you wouldn't do normally...

Example: my brother... setting his hair in an UNUSUAL way...

3) Eat. Finish everything in your bowl.

empty bowl with nothing left in it...

4) Go SPA.

tried out the fish spa... let those fishes play a role in releasing your stress..^^

5) Close to nature

sometimes, get close to nature isn't that bad after all...

No matter what ways you choose to release your tension.
It doesn't matter.
Just remember that You HAVE to find a way to release your stress.
You might be ended up being crazy.
Or, in other words, mentally unsound.

Cheers! ^^

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  1. bLueSpaCe said...
    good idea~
    all the best, lin <3
    if still stress then let me noe,
    we stress tgr, haha..

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