Saturday, November 20, 2010

Dinner @ City Bayview

19th November.

Huhu... grandpa got an invitation to a charity dinner @ Hotel City Bayview.
It's organized by the state government. (The J.P Council)

Well. Since grandpa wanted us to join, so, to avoid disappointing him, we attended the dinner.

That dinner is quite formal & grand,
So, we (mummy, sister, and I) decided to dress up properly and make-up ourselves before attending the dinner.

We went for a hair-do.

Overall. The dinner was so so so bored!

endless speech.. huhu.. *Our Chief Minister*

We were each given a magazine...

We entertained our self by taking photos...

my siblings

aunt jessie & uncle vincent


mummy & daddy

After the dinner...

with mummy~~


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  1. Anonymous said...
    Yesterday i went dinner too!!! I can't withstand the freaking bored few hours!!! 早走 !!! 哈哈 !

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