Friday, December 12, 2008

--X'Mas Mood--

Just got back my laptop yesterday.
Luckily...manage to get it fixed within 2 days.
As you know, life without computer can be kinda torturing...

I received a special gift before christmas.
That is...

HoHo... yea...that's whole laptop was gone! Didn't work at all.

Anyway...X'Mas is around the corner.

Although I got the shocking gift before 25th December, but it doesn't affect my mood either.

Yea yea...I loveeeee Christmas!
We ( my family) did set up the X'Mas tree last week.
What I can say is, it was a nice day!
Truly enjoyed it.

Well, doing stuffs together as a family can be fun and nice. It reminds me of the true meaning of Christmas. It is not about food, present, or what...
But most a reminder to us about the birth of Jesus Christ.
So, together as a family,
Hoping that the relationship among family members will be improved and of course, Blessed!
Ahah.. together we form a great L-O-V-E~~

Conclusion ---> WONDERFUL! :-)

Ahah.. a brand new X'mas tree.


Before we decorate

Half decorated.

Work done! (^^)


  1. Elaine said...
    The christmas tree is beautiful. i love it.
    chris@dotagaki said...
    Thx 4 ur comments. Ur blog is also interesting, keep it up. Ya agree with Elaine, nice and creative work on the tree.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks guys..Wishing you a very merry christmas!

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