Tuesday, December 16, 2008

3 In 1..NOT coffee for sure~

yep, don't get me wrong. 3 In 1 here means I'd done three things in one day. So, that doesn't mean the instant coffee ok.

I'd done three "great" things today.

Celebrate sherryn's 19th birthday!
Well..that was a memorable one, with delicious food, beautiful people around....superb!

-A Gang of us-

-Capturing this with the birthday girl.-

Which was my favourite!
yahoo...bought things again. (equals to spending & wasting money again..swt..)
Well..well..nevermind, we, as consumer, must spend in order to help the economy flows.
So, in other word, I'm actually contributing to the economy.
Oh god, can't believe it! ^^

Stayed back in campus till 10:30p.m, helping out together with sherryn and ee lin to decorate the MUMOS recruitment board.
Hmm..was kinda bored at first. (Maybe because I was very tired after 1 day shopping??)
But well, it turned me on when I gotta involve in the task.
Overall, the board was simple, but nice.
Like it~~

-Our Simple and Nice work-

Ee Lin, Me, Sherryn, happily ever after! Haha~
(P/s: We didn't help out much in this board)


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