Wednesday, December 17, 2008

World is all about MONEY

Why is this world becoming more and more materalistic, I wonder.
I know, we tend to say this when we write eassay, debate, article and so on.
But, when it happens to me in real life, it is so so real, no longer something which is abstract.
This is so....

SAD, this is what I can say.

Just phoned up this person in charge for the magic show in my exhibition event.
Haih...thought she is so nice, but...
"We will be counting every single minutes, including the waiting time",
This freezed my heart temporarily. I know, yes, yes, all you want is profit,
but you don't have to repeat that few times.
Because, I can hear you! And I'm not a dummy, I understand you OK.

before she ended the conversation,
"Miss, I'll like to collect some deposits upon confirmation".
What the~~ again.
Our society is under budget!!!!

Can ya see,
that's what exactly I mean,
World = Money.

even baby tends to love $$.

not to say adult(s), they tend to stick $$ on the face!


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