Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Transforming into a new WATER

31th December 2008.
Obviously, it is the last day of the year.
Looking at the time now...
Hmm.. another few minutes later I'll be saying goodbye to 2008, and greeting 2009.

Guessing what others are doing right now??
Having drinks and chatting at the cafe and Mamak stall?
Enjoying the night breeze down the street and waiting for the moment to yell:
Or just like me,
sitting at home...doing absolutely nothing??

Stupid final exam...
Otherwise, I might be like one of them,
waiting for the beautiful moment, and welcoming 2009 with both hands wide open!
It destroys my mood! Yucks...

Well, back to reality...
Luckily, I still have the accompaniment from my laptop.
Therefore, what to do??

Being WATER for almost 7 years,
this comes to my mind suddenly...
"you gotta transform yourself!"
Amazing, isn't it?


  • Change from love, to double love my family--> Love them more than this year!
  • Change from a stupid girl to a smarter creature-->I wanna forget and let go somebody!
  • Change from a lazy girl to a super hardworking one--> study more!
  • Change from a God Love individual to a Love God person--> serve god more and with everything I can!
  • Change from a bad tempered person to a patient person--> don't get angry easily!
  • Change from a shopaholic to a workaholic--> learn to control money!
the list still goes on and on.

Seems like there are so many things that need to be changed!
Whatever it is, according to my lecturer, changes can be good though.
The world needs changes; Countries need to be changed;
Organization needs changes; Universities need changes;
Why not human being??

I change....
Of course from bad to good!

Happy New Year All.
And lastly...
Blessed 2009 to ya...Yee Lin-Water!


  1. chris@dotagaki said...
    Sad...I oso countdown 2009 alone at home, family all went out and frens merajuk here n thr. Neways, wishing u a Happy New Year!
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks..^^ Wishing you a prosperous New Year&Blessed 2009 !!

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