Monday, December 29, 2008

What a lucky person I am!

Visited Hong Kong Disneyland last week, before Christmas.
Which was why, I had the opportunity to view so many special shows featuring Disney's Character!
That amazed me so much!
Although it is not as big as Tokyo's, ( i guess) but, it is a beautiful place.

My Family.

Night view.

Love this! Castle for sleeping beauty....

Since we are going during Christmas season, must be a parade then!
The parade was nice...and interesting.
Saw many disney's characters marching during the parade.
Best of all, they were all beautifully decorated with colorful stuffs, it made everything so lively!
Love it...

The parade's theme for the year: Let It Snow!

Mickey! A huge one...

Oh no! Chipmunks....what an adorable creature!

This is the favorite. It has snow white, Cinderella, sleeping beauty...all the beautiful fairytale princess!

She is cute..standing on top of the tower.

Snow White..yea, she is way too fair..

Cinderella!!! if in the attractive!

Ahah! Mermaid with her underwater's friends!

A good one. Photo with character in toy's story.

Besides the parade, like I said, there are a lot of special events held there.
The nice one would be the "Golden Mickey Awards".
The reason is because, there, we gotta see all the heroes and heroin.

All... Photo taken while show was finished. (actually we are not allowed to use flash camera)hehe..

Me! While watching the show. ^^

Ahah! Not forgetting the food there.
Well, the food was so so only. Not very tasty, since it is a, you know, they are not focusing on the food.
So, we had a very simple lunch.

Plain rice with some sweet sour meat. Hmm...i like the container, it has 2 mickeys at the corner!

Ofcourse, pop corn...hey, theirs is very tasty as compared to ours! Haha...(personal opinion only)

Manage to capture photos with the main character of Disney.

-The statue of Minnie-

The real Mickey!

When it was time to be back to Malaysia,
aha...something caught our attention while waiting in the airport, guess what??


A perfect end for our visit to Hong Kong!

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    Whoa cool... i'd really like 2 go thr someday. Argh jealousnye..

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