Friday, December 4, 2009

Around The Corner

Christmas is around the corner.
Final Exam is around the corner.
Holiday is around the corner.
Year 2010 is around the corner.

What's more?

Yes, there are.
Plenty more. You name it.

Although many things and occasions are turning up,
but, my mind, my mood, even my soul,
seem to be outta nowhere.
Not into the situation, yet.

I just got a brand new piano few days ago.
Which cause me extremely happy and yes, excited.

At least, I see light.
I see hope.
Having piano means having another new hope.
It brightens up my day.
Very very much...
So, I guess that would encourage me to study harder. (really?!)

Thanks dad.
I appreciate this Christmas gift from ya!

-MsWaTeR & Piano-

Is anyone interested to try out on this new baby thingy?
Give me a call, alright? Hehe..


  1. chris_lim said...
    wow, very classy piano...
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Chris: Thanks yea. :-)
    Elaine said...
    wow! look at that shiny piano. Ok, let's start the class, teacher. hehe.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Elaine: Oh problem for me. You are welcome at anytime! ^^
    SJ said...
    wow.u must b in cloud 9

    A smile from SJ =)
    Shingo T said...
    Nice piano!

    Gosh, I wished I had taken up some music lessons when I'm young. Now I'm tone deaf!
    rambo said...
    ur dreams seen near 2 u..
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, I am impressed you play the piano. I love piano music. Infact I looked for a woman who can play the piano in their resume when looking for a life partner. But found one can't play, can sing like a canary. Oh well....

    Beautiful piano. Wow! You sure got a wonderful dad....good for him. Can see he, you all appreciate good music, seeing that audio set-up in your living room. Beautiful.
    You have fun, Yee Lin....psssst, play for me, 'Beautiful Dreamer'.....
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Shingo: Thanks. Well, you are such a brilliant in networking marketing! (i see that through ur blog)

    Rambo: gets closer now.

    U.Lee: problem. If there's chance, I will definitely play a beautiful song exclusively for ya! ^^

    Cheers All!

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