Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Night In Agape Cafe

Went for a music performance in Agape Cafe 2 days ago.

First of all,
A very sincere thanks to Agape Cafe for giving us this golden opportunity.
We really appreciate that.
Oh, and the little sweet.. ^^ ありごとう ございます!

Well, overall, what I can say is that, despite the enjoyment that I got and
the feeling of spiritually contented,
everything was out of my expectation actually.
Things that I didn't expect:

-Sherryn brought her sister & cousin to support me. ^^ *thanks touch*
Elaine came to support me as well. *touch touch...thanks lin*
Sher Ling helped us out throughout the performance. *although I knew she freaked out when asked to play few songs for the audience..^^ thanks sher ling*
The cafe was not operating as a cafe. *hmm..they are having book fair instead*
Our pianist was not able to join us. *as a result, I have to sing and play the piano by myself*

I felt kinda sorry for my friends actually.
I am afraid I'd disappointed them.

I felt very grateful & thankful at the same time.
Thanks to all my friends, not to forget Poi Li, and my church members as well.
Thanks for giving me full support throughout the night.
That really cheered me up.

May God bless you guys.
Forever, and ever.

-few captures of the sweet moment-
p/s: I've forgotten to take a photo with sher ling and poi li... haih..regret..regret..

-poi li and I-


-from left: elaine & sherryn..they are sweet right?-

-MsWaTeR & Elaine- ^^ Oopz..should be two Elaine(s).

-MsWaTeR & Sherryn- Hmm..I realize something, she wore nice earings that night..^^


  1. SJ said...
    it has been long since i last involve myself in music

    A smile from SJ =)
    Sherryn said...
    Its an enjoyable night....hearing u sing.
    My sis said u sang really well...
    Elaine said...
    Congrats for the great performance. you r really talented.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks all!

    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, I have always loved the piano but regret never took up piano playing.
    And love and appreciate people who play the piano.
    When I was ready to get married I kept an eye for girls who could play the piano, but instead found one who can't play, but can sing like a canary....oh well, so married the singer not the song, ha ha.

    She sings in the kitchen, she sings in the bathroom, even hums when ironing clothes, I guess I made the right choice, ha ha.
    We have a karoake system at home and she sings very often....favourite song? Don't cry for me Argentina.

    Love the pics of you and your you have the Kiwanis music festival there?
    Here, the top scorers and prizes go to Chinese students, and really nice see these Chinese girls or boys at 7 playing Mozart or Beethoven.
    You keep it up and have fun, best regards, Lee.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks Un.Lee.

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