Thursday, December 17, 2009

Terriyaki Chic @ Delifrance

I believe many of us have dined-in in Delifrance before.
But, have you ever tried their Terriyaki Chicken Chop?
Yes? No?

If the answer is "Yes"
What's your opinion for that? Delicious?
*honesty is the best policy, so, answer honestly pls..* ^^

If it happens to be "No".
A sincere suggestion to you then.
NEVER try it!
Unless you are bored of having extra pennies in your pocket yet nowhere to spend it.
*give me then, why spend unnecessarily??*

FYI, this so call Terriyaki Chicken Chop is a real sucks!
Take a look at it.

Looks good huh? But... the taste? *bent down my thumb immediately*
It tastes like dead-fish.
And the meat, oh my goodness!
Instead of tender& juicy,
Know what?
It is all dried-out...
Just like eating(chewing) a piece of plastic.

Not to say the side dishes.

The mashed potato.

What about the Terriyaki sauce?
God knows!
It's extremely salty..

I wonder: Do they have a team for quality control as well as quality checking?
If no, have one please..
Don't ruin the image of Delifrance in the eyes of the public..


  1. Elaine said...
    Ewww... even from the food presentation can guess that it is not nice.
    Sherryn said...
    The chicken looks like its been cooked with some kind of tree roots....I'll take your advice...^^
    rambo said...
    delifrance serve tis kind of food?? i though tat the food is nice as their name.. disapointed ==
    vialentino said...
    nice bloggie ...

    u took the food pics very nice...thought it is yummy but after u mention thumbs down ... then i know no need to go and try already.

    nice to meet u btw...will visit here often
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Rambo: Nope. Name&quality is not equivalent for this chic. hehe..

    Vialentino: thanks for visiting me.
    SherLing said...
    relax girl relax....
    though it sounded disgusting....

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