Saturday, October 2, 2010

Failure on Saturday


Today, I am gonna show you something...
Something that I failed this morning.

Yes. I failed.

Was planning to prepare a nutritious, and "great-looking" breakfast for my brother and I.
However, didn't make it.
Couldn't achieve what I wanted.
Overall, it looked sucks!
Yeww.. The cheese sausages was burnt due to my carelessness...

Our breakfast... left: mine; right:my bro's

breakfast set for my bro: slightly burnt cheese sausages + egg + baked beans + toast bread

breakfast set for myself: 2 medium size tomatoes + pan-fried egg + seriously burnt cheese sausages + baked beans + 2 plain breads

Sorry brother..
But, it taste great right?


  1. bLueSpaCe said...
    I oso wan ^_^
    rambo said...
    wakaka... nvm.. learn from the mistake..
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Mei lan: haha..u sure u want?! burnt d wor...keke...

    Rambo: thx wor..yep. i'll learn from the mistake. Next time, i won't use the oven to bake the sausages..XD

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