Sunday, October 24, 2010

Dessert : Fresh Honeydew with Sago

My sister has a sweet tooth.
Basically, she loves all kinda sweet things, like ice-creme, drinks...etc...
She just couldn't resist the temptation of sweet dessert. (but she is
Especially this --> Honeydew Sago Dessert
This is her ATF! All Time Favorite!

So, decided to make for her.
I remember someone once taught me the recipe, hmm..years ago..
That was the mixture of coconut milk + sago + ......etc.....

But now, I am gonna change it, modify it.
I am using ordinary low fat milk with ice cream...

Let's see....

These are all we need.

-the ingredients-
  • 4X (1 litre low fat milk)
  • 1.5 litre vanilla ice-cream
  • 1 sweet honeydew
  • 1 big packet of sago (quantity depends on individual preference)

-1.5 litre vanilla ice-cream- Hmm..this brand IS STRONGLY NOT recommended-

- 4X 1 litre low fat milk-

-cooked sago-

-sweet honeydew-

The hardest step in this dessert is, when cooking the sago.
It is time consuming, and required a constant-stirring. Else, it would be over-cooked and burnt easily.
Other than that, all we need to do are just, Pouring, Mixing, and Stirring!
Easy huh?

Start by placing the ice-cream in a mixing bowl.

Then, let it melt. Slightly press it and it will turn into liquid form eventually.

Next, add in the low fat milk gradually....

Lastly, pour in all other ingredients, such as honeydew & sago.
Stir it. And DONE~

Oh wait, remember to chill it for few hour before it is served.
As it taste best when serve cold.


Have A Great Day


  1. AnnaYJia said...
    wah >_< this dessert "manufacture cost" is quite high eh ? HL milk and ice cream are not cheap ~~~ But I still wish to try it next time ! hahaha....
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    hmm..not cheap also. But worth trying..
    haha.. yea, u should try it if possible. ^^
    Anonymous said...
    hmm,honey dew..yea it's her favourite :)

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