Thursday, November 5, 2009



For the past 20 years, I did not realize this.
Not until today.

I am having trouble in wrapping books.

To define it in other words, I should say this.
I am facing big problem in wrapping up all my text books.
In fact, I realize now.
I HATE to do this task.
Just do not know why.


If I choose not to wrap up the books,
then I shall expect to see wrinkles eventually.

Sometimes, even a simple task will create a big problem for me.

Not that I do not know how to do this wrapping job.
But, I just could not do it perfectly just like how others did.
Please, someone..

Mind to teach me the perfect skill of wrapping books?
I will appreciate it.



  1. rambo said...
    easy nia...
    come la..
    i teach u..
    or i help u oso cn..
    Elaine said...
    I dun like to wrap books also.
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, sorry I can't help, as believe it or not, I don't even know how to fold shirts.
    My wife will raise both eyebrows see the way I fold...
    Anyway, just experiment, you'll find a better way.
    Have a great weekend, Lee.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Rambo: thanks kind of you..^^

    Lin: Yep, that's y we are called E-Lin! Keke..

    Lee: haha..well, lucky least ur wife will do the folding job for u, will she?
    Wei Ru said...
    Lol I'm same too.. do you mind if i link you?
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Wei Ru: Of course I don't mind..Nice to meet you yea..^^
    Arief Arf said...
    i have problems with wrapping books too..
    the best solution is to just leave it unwrapped..
    fluotone said...
    Yo Lin! I remember wrapping books using old calendars & tape long time back.. it was kinda fun actually!

    Nowdays its very to easy to learn things with technology used correctly. So here's a pretty neat way to wrap books for you:

    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Fluotone: Whoa..thx for the video link. Haha..very informative.

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