Saturday, November 14, 2009

Missing You - O' My Love

What do you see when you look up into the sky?
What comes to your mind when you look into the sky?

Love ones?
Or, perhaps, just like me, you see something different.
You feel something extraordinary.

To me, I see and feel many things.
Especially--A Lost Memory.

A memory towards my Love...

Back then, I was a brave girl.
I knew how to fight for own rights.

Now, I assume myself as a coward.
I am afraid to tell the truth, and to do the things I like.

I LOVE music.
I LOVE to be in front of the piano.
Singing, playing with the keys, composing songs...and so on...

But, those were in the fine old days.

Now, I am no longer attach with it.
Neither emotionally nor physically.

"We do not want you to fall in love with it."
That was the answer, given by my super-duper dad.
"Just concentrate in your studies."
"Accounting has got a brighter future."

Oh yea?
God knows.

I actually got a chance to further my musical studies in overseas few years back.
But that had became a dream.
A dream that will never come true.

richard clayderman

Yiruma (korean pianist)

LangLang (Chinese Pianist)

Those are the famous pianists that I admire.
How I wish I could be like them.
Well, again, I have no option.
The only option I have, is to proceed with my current studies.

Miss you so much.
O' My Love~piano.

Dad, can you see how much is my love towards music?
I guess so...

Everyone has a dream.
Not every dream has to be true.

I understand, dad...


  1. Elaine said...
    Lin, in this world,we can't get everything that we want. But that is not the reason to stop us from what we want to do. Let us work hard to finish our course first. Then, maybe you can go ahead with ur dream.
    rambo said...
    when i c the sky..
    i juz feel free...
    freedom... relax...
    'fight for ur dream~'
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Elaine: Lin, thanks..Maybe..that's another option i should consider..

    Rambo: (^.^) yea, i really wish i could fight for it. But, it seems kinda impossible..anyway,thx rambo for the suggestion. appreciate it.
    Chin Nee said...
    ohh, I love Yiruma very much!!

    actually Jim Brickman is really good too!~

    and.. u can try to listen Kevin Kern also not bad.

    Enjoy the music~

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