Sunday, November 22, 2009

Song Composing Competition 2008

I discovered something from my friend via YouTube just now.
A video clip that shows my fellow church members & I (although I just appear appx 3sec)!
*can you spot me?? *

We took part in a song composing competition last year, organized by the Methodist Church.
We managed to enter into the final round.
But unfortunately, we did not succeed during the final.

That doesn't matter.

Competition and result were NOTHING.
But, the path way where all of us went through was something!
We experienced so much fun & excitement.
And for me, I'd gained an extraordinary experience to compose song!

If you don't mind, just click the clip below.
FYI, this song is called “你一直都在” ,
(direct translation: God, You're always there for me)

Though it might not be nice to some of you...and the clip seems a little blur..
But well, who cares right? ^^
Hope you enjoy it...

Written by: PoiLi & I(MsWaTeR)


  1. AmbiguousAmbitions said...
    LOL so adorable ! =D
    Elaine said...
    such a lovely song. Yee Lin, can compose 1 song for me? hehe.. just joking. Anyway, Good job. ^^
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hi Yee Lin, keep on trying, you'll make it one day...
    if you play the piano, or your friend, that will help greatly when composing a song....
    Go for it! Lee.

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