Monday, October 5, 2009

I just wish to...


With all the exams popping in...
With all the stress I am having recently...
With all the ups and downs I am going through lately...

ONE conclusion for that: They are killing me softly!

As I was thinking how to overcome those..
Aha! Suddenly, I've came across something..

It is making me so "highhhhh up"
It is making me so "exxxxx-cited"

What is it? Mmmm...

Ladies & Gentlemen..It is The Hydropolis Underwater Hotel (Dubai)

To me, it could be considered as the world most beautiful hotel! (well, at least for now..)
Oh god, I just wish to go there..right now!
Lets peek at it...

And this..Oh..the nicest part of will be so close to the nature!
With all the marine creatures around you, I am sure, no nightmare of course!

Beautiful, isn't it?
So, tell me, how can I not dreaming again? Haih..


  1. fluotone said...
    unbelievable hotel! I'd like to go there too wei~ :)

    good luck with your exams, study hard ya! dont let it kill u softly..kill you smartly maybe can hehe :P

    glad to know your mom is recovering fine :) thank you for dropping by...I just closed it for the first time since 2005.. too bad! :P tk care!
    Elaine said...
    incredible hotel. :)
    chris@dotagaki said...
    wow, the hotel really one of a kind, beautiful. Hope I can afford to go there some day.
    ~Elaine Tam~ said...
    It's beautiful hotel~~~ How I wish I could be there for a long relax my jammed mind and brain... :)

    Good luck on your exam!
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hello Yee Lin, nice to have money, huh?
    But for me, give me Hawaii or the Maldives Islands anytime...

    You stay easy and relax....not good have stress....get wrinkles, ha ha.
    Have a nice day, Lee.
    kenwooi said...
    wah the pics very nice!
    wanna visit there..
    but sure very expensive!! lol..

    btw, good luck in exams! =)

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