Monday, October 12, 2009

Choco Weekend

Went up to Genting Highland during the weekend.

I feel neither fun nor excitement this time.
Well, maybe, I should say this.
Genting Highland is no longer a suitable place for relaxation.

Polluted air.
Rude people.
Terrible cinema.
Expensive food.
Limited outdoor & indoor games.
And the list goes on...

I doubt, why it can still be classified as,
"The City Of Entertainment"!?
Is it because of the casino?
To me, casino is just like a money sucker.
Once you enter the door of casino,
aha, it will suck almost all your money.
Well, in other word, don't ever think that you could 'save' your pockets.
For sure, there will be some holes when you leave the casino.

Although everyone knows it, but they are willing to take the risk.
Well, just pray hard before you enter.
Hopefully, god bless.

Just when I am about to black list this place...
Mummy bought me some chocolates at Gohtong Jaya.
Even though they are produced in Malaysia.
But, to my surprise, they taste so good!
Smooth and delicious.
No lies.
Their quality is fine.
They are comparable to other well known chocolate brand like Fidani & Hershey.

-from left: almond choco, tiramisu (my fav), and milk almond-

-few boxes of other flavor choco-

Chocolates manage to make people smile.
This happen to me as well.
So, with all those chocolates,
at least, I see some colors in my weekend.


  1. rambo said...
    got chocolate no giv me ==
    ...Yee Lin... said... problem..haha..anytime can give some to u,rambo..^^
    rambo said...
    i wait lo~~
    Elaine said...
    don't forget to leave some for me. hehe.. :P
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Ok lin..sure.. ;-)

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