Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Raya-ing @ M'cca&Seremban

While most of my friend are struggling for final exam.
What am I doing?
I am enjoying the "Raya".
Still taking my own sweet time. LoL..

Just like the same old day. Go for "raya visiting" is a must for us.
This year, we went to plenty of places.
The routine goes like this : Seremban-->Melaka-->Seremban.
Werid isn't it? But it is true.
We travel so much on the 1st raya.

Conclusion for the 1st raya :
1) exhausted - as the result of woke up early and reached home late
2) enjoy - as the result of eat, eat, and eat endlessly..
3) put on weight (due to nice food and comfortable journey) ^^ oh..the super-licious taste of ayam rendang is still vividly in my mind.

So, the moral lesson for this will be :
1) sleep, sleep and sleep...endlessly..(not 2 forget my studies ofcoz)
2) keep those happy moment in my memory
4) and go on a dietary plan. Hmm..shall have a more proper meal after this. But, how can I resist nice food?! Gosh..

1st place of the day : Rumah terbuka by state gov @ Seremban

-see the crowd? yea..it was soOOoo crowded-

-for the VIPs-

Next, back to Melaka : Rumah Terbuka by state gov of Melaka @ MITC

-busy eating-

- due to the nice food, this is how happy my bro was..haha..-

Although I had kinda wasted the whole day...(didn't do revision) (-.-lll)
But, well...I have gained something extraordinary.
I believe...
Those are what I will never get from books and lectures.


p/s: sorry bro for posting your lovely picture here.. =P


  1. SJ said...
    the more the merrier. so that's why it's crowded? =)
    Senghoo said...
    So good, I'm in an extreme boredom despite not invitation to Raya houses
    Elaine said...
    dun worry too much bout study. Enjoy 1st. haha..
    Uncle Lee said...
    Hello Yee Lin, I enjoyed looking at your pics.
    I sure miss visiting my friends and enjoying the lovely ketupats and rendangs.
    You have a great holiday and keep a song in your heart, Lee.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    SJ : Yup,totally agree with ya. The more the merrier. Haha..

    Senghoo : ^^ Well, actully I am glad to be invited over for raya celebration. But anyhow, due to the coming final exam, it somehow makes me a little moody. =p

    Elaine : Right. Enjoy comes 1st than anything else. Yipee!!

    Uncle Lee : Thanks Uncle Lee. HOpe to hear from you soon~
    chris@dotagaki said...
    wow cool le. I dont even have any raya plans n im craving for some ketupat and rendang.
    Joops said...
    looks like a nice place to dine in..

    thanks for following one of my blogs, following you now too..

    Underway! Shift Color
    Sailor's Adventures & Opinions
    kenwooi said...
    haha.. i didnt do anything for raya.. no open house this year.. =P


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