Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Memorable One. Our Practical Day.

After we had been so call "dancing" for the past 2 months.
Finally, it has came to the end.
Yes. We had our practical test yesterday.. for the course - NATIONAL DANCE.
Hopefully, our little effort will be paid off with high marks! (^.^)
I shall pray then~

-us, posing after the test-


  1. Elaine said...
    Ya. Really a memorable one. I will miss all the fun we had in the dancing class.
    jas_natelie said...
    @@" sgt efficient!
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Haha~ Same here elaine. I will never forget the fun we had during the class ^^

    Jas, is not that I'm efficient. It is just purely because I feel like sharing post it up lo.

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