Monday, August 3, 2009

Human Rights, where are you?

I was pissed off when I watched this video clip.

-->*click here for the clip*<--

I felt so upset about this.
Something had crossed my mind just now.

Was that the late Mr.Teo Beng Hock in the video?
Had he been beaten up in such a way that one will get pissed off while watching it?

Although it had been confirmed that the man wasn't him,
To me..
It makes no different.

It truly...undoubtedly shows that...
Human rights no longer has existed in our country.
I really could not understand why the enforcer can still
"close one eye, and open another"

To me, they are actually applying the concept of
"close two eyes!"

For once, I used to think that Malaysia is a nice country to stay in.
I admit it.
Nice food, nice weather, nice place, and nice people.
BUT, that was the past. Now? Definitely NOT anymore. No No No......

No longer safe.
No more unity.
No more happiness.
Only with tears, hatred , hopelessness, disappointments...

Poor citizens can only voice out their opinions in the virtual world.
But not the real world. Why?

I do not have to explain or elaborate on this, I suppose.

The clue will be,
Remain silent will eventually safe your life.
Think of your love ones.
Life is precious.
Please do not foolishly voice out something knowing that there will be no outcomes at the end.
"They are high up in the sky, acting like a king"
"We are just the poor citizens, squatting like nobody."

No Doubt.
Think. Keep quiet. Re-think. And remember.


  1. Joanne Chan said...
    We angry, because we still care, aren't we?
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    yea Joanne..I somehow agree with u..
    "Because we still care"
    chris@dotagaki said...
    Totally agree. Malaysian is going backwards in terms of mentality.

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