Friday, August 7, 2009

Cute Stuffs

Oh my dearest god.
Found something online while doing my research just now.
They are soOO cute!
Gosh...super cute.

Well, I keep surfing the internet lately.
Trying to look for some new clothes for my baby Ben.
And of course, this is the season to add some new apparel for him!
*I can't find any nice apparel in melaka. Sad case...*

These are what I am gonna buy for my BB Ben. ^^

Haih..poor little baby Ben.
Don't know what happen to him lately.
He got his left front leg injured few days ago, all in a sudden.
Brought him to the vet, and they too, could not explain what had happened to my BB Ben.
They told me is the problem of BB Ben's skin.
"Too Sensitive"
LoL..What the..

What I see is, BB Ben can't walk in a proper manner. Looks somehow like..."Strained Leg Dog"...
But, what the vet told me was, "skin is too sensitive"...
Till now, I still can't relate that.

Well...Thank god. Today, BB Ben is getting better after consuming some pills.

Get Well Soon Ben~~
With Lotsa Loves.....

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  1. Elaine said...
    Poor Ah Ben.

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