Tuesday, July 28, 2009

My Teddy ~ Rachel's 21st Birthday~

Teddy is never my favorite.

I used to think in such a way.
Why do most of the girls like teddy bear so much?
Queuing up for many many hours...
Just to grab a teddy bear!
To me, that is crazy...
Now, I know why.

Teddy is cute!
Osh..just have a look at my very own bear.
Daddy bought each of us a bear from China. Note here, my bro has one too. ^^
FYI, teddy bear in China is far more cheaper than in Malaysia.

Daddy bought 3 bears for RM50 ONLY.

This is mine.

-Personally, I like this bear. Don't know why....^^-

-The bear and I-

Next, I discover something.
Rachel, my classmate, who just turned 21 last week,
She is a super big fan of teddy bear!

I did not really have a chance to look at her collection of bears.
But, I'm sure.
There are plenty of bears around in her room.

We went to her birthday party last Saturday.

-Her huge cake, in the shape of a key-

-Left:Rachel and I-
Right:Sherryn, Me, Cheryl


-Us again-

We enjoyed so much.
Thanks Rachel for the invite.
The food was awesome.

Back to reality.
Actually, I'm having mid term exam this week.
And, tomorrow.
There is still another paper.
-Accounting Information System (AIS 1)
Gotta back to my desk.

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  1. Elaine said...
    Enjoy ur study. haha.. good luck ya.

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