Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Internal Bleeding

So many things happened lately.

My mum met with a road accident last week.
Talk about this, I can feel the FIRE burning inside my heart, deeply.
Guess what?!
Although it was not my mum's fault in the accident,
(somebody not obeying the traffic light's rules).

But, when my mum went to lodge a report, Oh my goodness. They just simply FORCE my mum to say that it was my mum's fault!

Yes, you got my point. They use their authority to
FORCE us..the poor citizens.

Force us to sign the agreement. Force us to accept what they said.
In other words, they just simply force us to obey them!
Who they think they are hUh...
Treating us like an animal...
I wonder, what if the same thing happens on their love ones? Will they feel the same like I do?
Hmm...let the mighty God be the judge.
I might just stand and watch.

Tell you what. I'm not afraid to get caught by whoever, neither the PO**** nor the I**!
As I'm just telling the truth.

Luckily, nothing happen to my mum.
Thank God for this.
No injuries. Just some aftershock. And of course, a lot of disappointments.
Again, to the country as well as to the enforcer.
The feeling of trust...No more...
The feeling of proud... No more...

What's left?
A heart which is bleeding...internally...


  1. Elaine said...
    They can get away from the law,but not from god. Anyway, god had "punished" the person. Let them learn a lesson.. (if they will ever learn).
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Yea elaine...Absolutely agree with you..

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