Monday, July 20, 2009

The Weekend . The Saturday

Am so excited to share something here.

Got an opportunity to learn something "new" over the weekend.

Went over to my dad's friend's shop..and got a chance to learn the art of making tea.

NOW. I know.
To make a cup of good-fine tea, it isn't a simple task.
It is time consuming, it requires many many steps and procedures.
But, what's more...I LOVE it.
I've started to fall for Chinese tea...

In LoVe with Tea and its leaves...

-the art of tea, a.k.a. the art of love!-

Though I have so many things to share about,
but, NO TIME.
Haha...share it some time later i guess. ^^

Next thing which attract my interest is this....

-this drink might let your mind goes wild-

A cup of yummy yummy drink...
~ Crystal Paradise ~
The name of it. looks beautiful, and tastes wonderful.
It reminds me of a lady in orange.
Looks good from the outside, and so does the inner part of a person!
*I tend to think too much, ignore me*

I shall end my post with this.

Fried-Abalone-Mushroom in Special Thai Sauce.

I forget myself when I have my first bite on this baby thingy.
Forgive I really speechless.

This is what I call....

~~~Heavenly Good~~~**Thumbs Thumbs**


  1. Elaine said...
    Come let's go & eat. hehe.
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Haha...Ok Ok..
    "One Day" Hehe...
    chris@dotagaki said...
    wa... d abalone dish looks delicious.... ehem ehem*
    jas_natelie said...
    betul betul swt!
    samurai@teraflare said...
    Fuyoo...y my keyboard all get wet...?

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