Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Kinda Hurt...Love Hurts...

No matter who you are..
No matter where you from..
No matter which course you are taking..
No matter how pretty or good looking you are..
No matter what is in you mind now..

You have got to...

LOVE truly hurts.

Though it did bring you joy, happiness...etc...
Those were all in the past.

The moment you have a crush on somebody,
that will somehow show the starting point towards lies, sadness,
and so,
the break-ups.

'The road not taken"

A poem which I studied during high school.
Yes. I have chosen a road,
full of challenges, ups and downs--uncountable.
If I ever have the second chance,
I rather chose to stay.
NOT to proceed.
Perhaps, you won't be hurt.
And so do I.

after 6 months,
I am no longer yours.
And you are no longer mine.

Believe in facts. Believe in realities.


  1. Elaine said...
    dunno why some people hard to accept the reality. Dun worry too much, focus on more important matters. You always have "us" by your side.
    chris@dotagaki said...
    Yes, u also have ur blogger frens to fall to *cheers*
    Cai Hong said...

    i just break up few weeks ago:)
    Anonymous said...
    you sound so moody girl.. i'm just a passer-by. is it something that is bothering you in your mind? or just that your ex bf is not letting you go? if your ex bf is reading this right now, i do hope that he will understand what you are trying to tell him. because i didn't want to break up with my ex gf as well. i tried to let her fall for me again and now we are no longer friends. even your ex bf still having the love for you, i think he should respect your decision. please don't be sad for him. it doesn't worth. believe that time will heal his pain right now. cheer! --from passer-by
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Thanks all for the support...
    Truly appreciate that.


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