Sunday, June 7, 2009

M&J -- Love is in the air --

M=Matthew=My cousin...a very close one.
J=Julie=My cousin's wife...
Something happy to be shared here.
A day which is full of Love, Joy, Happiness, Care, Fun...etc...
Yup. Their Marriage.
---6th June 2009---

I feel so happy for them actually, as they had been together for quite a long time...
And also, I'm sure they had gone through many ups and downs together.
Eventually, they had make their promise to go into a deeper relationship.
Here, I shall say my wishes to them.


~some sweet memories~

We attended church service in the morning: leading..LoL..

band member..*whoa..very into the worshiping*

Oh ya..I'm the pianist too.. ^^

With the bride and bridegroom

From left: Me, Matthew, Julie, my sis-Jac

--notice that the color of our cloth are just the same as the color of the ribbon!

Dinner at ORNA golf club at night:

the venue

the arrival of guests..we invited people from all races

Normally, people tend to give "red packet' to the host while attending the wedding dinner, but i realize something...
A friend of Julie (the bride), had given the newly-wed a big surprise...which is...

A Gigantic Bear!
How big is it?? is as huge as a young man!
Even my 2 little cutie cousins can't hug it! Haha...

I'm kinda disappointed I did not manage to capture the picture of the wedding couple on that night...haih...
well..well...never mind then...

Me...posing with the photo of M&J Yeww...

with sis

from left: my sis, cousin-Justin, and I

church members

Wonderful. Perfect. Beautiful ending for the day.
That's what I could say for that day.
Though everyone was so tired..but..
who cares?!
As long as we could feel the LOVE is in the air...
That's it....


  1. chris@dotagaki said...
    Cheers to them!
    Anonymous said...
    the Micheal Jackson couple haha.
    you looked great too in the white dress~
    Elaine said...
    congrats to them!! ^.^
    btw, i thought u r the bride u look nice in the white dress..XD
    jas_natelie said...
    sad tat i din make it tat day~~ wuwu~~ @@

    congrates to the couple :)
    (lol bump into them @ jonker on sunday nite.. keke)

    i miss u babe~ muacks

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