Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Happy Birthday, my dear sister

The number 13..
Normally..it is said to be an unlucky number.
And so does the date, 13th, people tend to somehow label it as an unlucky day.
But but but..wait!
That does not apply to my sis-Jac's birthday!
Yea..13th June..
It was a good, enjoyable, memorable, and sweet day...
one word, AWESOME!

Yea..celebrating my sis's sweet 17th birthday was a nice one.
Although, we did not have expensive meal and many guests this year,
but, what we had this year was...something unforgettable,
something warm...something...
which made my sister, my brother, and I felt happy...

Morning, we went shopping together... (just 3 of us...we call it a day for siblings)
Unbelievable, bought many pairs of clothes, shorts...and so on...
But, the best thing was, brother even gave opinion while we tried out clothes, which he never did! Haha...

Next, dinner...we had dinner together.
What I mean here is...together as a family.
Well, for me, having a meal with my dad is something very difficult,
as he is very busy all the time...could hardly see his face...perhaps twice a week?! hmm..
So, that night, he purposely canceled all his appointments and spent time with us.
Whoa...I guess that already showed how my dad love his family?! ^^
Thanks dad....

Of course... some picture...

With sis...

Ice-cream cake from Baskin Robbin ..taste good!

birthday girl...

Mum, sis, and Daddy.

Happy ending for the day.
Nice. Contented. Grateful.
Thank god for that.
Hey sis...Happy Birthday! God bless ya~


  1. Elaine said...
    Please wish her "Happy belated birthday" for me. Thx.
    chris@dotagaki said...
    woah baskin robin cake! Nice! Happy belated bday 2 ur sis.

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