Sunday, May 31, 2009

I got Flower..I eat Flower!

So happy.
So contented.
So thankful.

Got a bouquet of roses+my favorite sunflower few days ago.
~so sweet~
Thanks dear for your full support.
I truly appreciate it.

I managed to try a different kind of drink last week.
It was quite different.

Although I'd tried it 2 years ago..with my buddy--jasmine(forgotten where already..LoL..),
but...this one...
It was quite different.
I mean..the taste..
Have a look here... (*forgotten the name of it..LoL..*)

--The Flower Drink--

Well...just for sharing purposes. ^^

Oh ya...
Of course... when there is great DRINKs..there must be delicious FOOD!

--Rosemary Chicken Chop--

Hmm..I've forgotten the name for this...but it taste good~

Another thing to share with..
Yup. The flower that I got..

The flowers.. beautiful, isn't it?
The combination of roses and sunflower!
I Like it...yes...LOVE it...


  1. Elaine said...
    Wah nice flower there.. hehe *wink..wink..*
    jas_natelie said...
    flower... awch~ nice one.. nice combination.. (lolz.. i was laughing when bp told me bout it.. never knew it looks so nice matching both flowers together) :P
    Tong冬 said...
    wao...all the foods look nice
    where is the place you eat flower?
    ...Yee Lin... said...
    Oh my dear sis..the place is Xuan's cafe..hehe...

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